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Dog Realizes Her Family’s Decision to Surrender Her at the Shelter

Dog Realizes Her Family’s  Decision to Surrender Her at the Shelter

In a TikTok video from January 26, the adorable pug mix named Macaroni realizes what is happening. Trembling and scared, the one-year-old pup’s eyes well up with sadness.

The text accompanying the video reads: “One of the saddest things to witness in a dog rescue is the moment a dog is being surrendered by their family.”

Fortunately, the HIT Living Foundation, a foster-based rescue, had two team members present at the South LA Shelter on January 17.

They were there to pick up a different dog and her puppies for foster families. When they noticed the family’s tearful surrender of Macaroni, they knew they had to intervene.

The family faced a difficult decision to surrender Macaroni due to allergies within the household.

However, considering the staffing shortage, low adoption rates, and overcrowding in shelters across the country, the HIT Living Foundation team couldn’t bear to leave Macaroni behind.

One of the nonprofit’s team members, Liz, generously offered to take Macaroni into her own home to provide her with a smooth transition. But even that moment was heart-wrenching.

Liz set up a crate for Macaroni in her office, leaving the door open for her to come and go as she pleased. However, Macaroni remained in the crate for the entire three hours that Liz was in meetings, trembling all the while. Eventually, Liz’s own dog convinced Macaroni to step out.

Since then, Macaroni has blossomed. She delights in exploring the backyard, lounging on the couch, and playing with her furry friends. According to Crowe, these dogs have taught Macaroni how to embrace her inner “dog.”

The rescue received numerous inquiries about Macaroni, but for now, she is placed with a foster family for a trial period.

“Macaroni is going into a 5-day foster-to-adopt home today,”

shared Crowe.

“At any point during this week, her foster-to-adopters may decide to make it official.”

If the foster family decides before the five days are up, Macaroni will have found her forever home. Otherwise, she will be available for adoption.

Viewer Reactions

Macaroni’s story, shared on the @hitlivingfoundation account, has touched the hearts of over 230,000 viewers on TikTok.

With more than 15,600 likes and 523 comments, TikTok users are all rooting for a happy ending.

“She’s too cute! I hope she finds her forever home!” wrote one viewer.

Another added, “Please tell me she found a family. This broke my heart.”

One viewer shared the uplifting sentiment we all need: “She will find someone who truly loves and deserves her love!!”

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