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Emaciated Stray Dog Finds Safety and Love in Rescuer’s Arms

Emaciated Stray Dog Finds Safety and Love in Rescuer’s Arms

Rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) are no strangers to saving dogs in tough situations. However, their first rescue of the year touched their hearts in a whole new way.

On a chilly January day, the team stumbled upon a thin and weak dog seeking shelter in a front yard. The poor pup, who was visibly underweight, leaned against the house, unsure of the approaching rescue team.

Source: The Dodo

But deep down, he sensed their good intentions.

“He was just waiting for someone… anyone… to show him kindness and lend a helping hand,” SRSL shared on Facebook.

Led by Donna Lochmann, the rescue team approached the dog slowly, offering words of encouragement. And to their delight, the little guy quickly realized that these humans were there to help him.

“We walked up to him, and he instantly came to us, grateful that someone finally stopped to lend a hand,” SRSL wrote in another Facebook post.

While the team couldn’t determine how long he had been surviving on his own, one thing was clear: this dog had a heart of gold. Despite being abandoned and hungry, the pup, later named Nico New Beginnings, was eager to give and receive love.

Lochmann showered him with cuddles and affirmations before attempting to take him back to her Jeep.

The team initially expected to use a leash to coax him into the car, as they often did with other rescues. But to their surprise, Nico willingly hopped into the rescue Jeep without any persuasion.

Check out the heartwarming footage of his rescue here:

Lochmann drove Nico to SRSL’s headquarters, where he received immediate medical attention. It became evident that he weighed only 32 pounds, half of what he should have weighed.

Although he needed a regulated feeding schedule to regain his weight, Nico was otherwise healthy. He eagerly soaked up every ounce of affection from the team.

Source: The Dodo

In no time, he gained a reputation for being obsessed with cuddles.

The team kept a close watch on Nico at their headquarters until they felt he was strong enough to continue his recovery in a foster home. Thankfully, a loving foster family stepped in immediately to provide care for Nico, and he has been thriving ever since.

While he still has a long road to recovery ahead, Nico is making progress each day.

SRSL wrote: “His foster mom says his favorite thing to do is give kisses! He’s the sweetest angel boy!”

Witness Nico’s incredible journey in his foster home here:

Today, Nico can be found in his foster home, sporting cozy sweaters and blossoming into his playful puppy-like self. Each day, his happiness grows, and he continues to make remarkable strides.

SRSL is hopeful that once Nico reaches a healthy weight, they will find him a permanent home. But for now, they are overjoyed to see him thriving in a warm and loving environment.

“This is one special boy…” SRSL expressed.

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