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Famous Canine Hangout Boris & Horton Is Closing Its Door

Famous Canine Hangout Boris & Horton Is Closing Its Door

Dogs and their human companions in New York City are in for a change as a popular dog café bids adieu.

Boris & Horton, the beloved spot for pooch playdates, announced on Thursday that its East Village and Williamsburg locations will be closing their doors for the last time on Monday, February 26.

After breaking the news on Instagram, the heartfelt responses poured in quickly, with over 500 comments expressing support, surprise, sadness, and a bit of confusion about the sudden closure of this community hub.

Since its opening on Avenue A in 2018, Boris & Horton has been a unique space where local dogs could run free and socialize while their owners enjoyed coffee, snacks, and free WiFi.

The concept expanded to Williamsburg last summer, offering a dog-friendly haven for daytime fun and hosting a variety of entertaining evening events like dog-friendly comedy shows, drag performances, music nights, and art gatherings, along with weekend meetups and exercise classes.

Unfortunately, like many independent businesses in the city, Boris & Horton is facing the all-too-common challenge of high costs.

Mikhly also highlighted the additional challenges faced by a dog-friendly establishment, such as more stringent health regulations, the need for extra space for safe off-leash play, and higher overhead costs for using disposable cups and plates.

Source: Time Out New York

But this isn’t the end of the road for Boris & Horton. The café’s online presence will remain active for future endeavors, and Mikhly has plans to continue her journey in the dog world with new projects.

She takes pride in the countless animal rescue events hosted by the café, the many dogs that found forever homes through their efforts, and the funds raised for local rescue organizations.

Reflecting on the café’s impact, Mikhly shared,

“We created a welcoming space where people could find solace and share smiles. From proposals and weddings to post-breakup pet therapy sessions, Boris & Horton has been a sanctuary for de-stressing and creating positive vibes for New Yorkers outside of their homes and workplaces.”

For now, Mikhly’s focus is on supporting the café’s staff during this transition period. Fans of Boris & Horton still have time to visit before the final closure date, purchase merchandise, and café items, and possibly contribute to a fundraiser to support the dedicated staff.

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