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Frito Feet Dogs: When Your Pet’s Paws Smell

Frito Feet Dogs: When Your Pet’s Paws Smell

It comes as no surprise that sometimes the paws of our dogs will smell weird. Dogs love to dig, explore everything that is around, and aren’t repelled by bad smells as easy as we are. But sometimes the smell is just so funky that we may start thinking that something is off. The most common scenario is when the clean paws of our dogs start smelling like Frito chips. So if your dogs feet smell like Frito chips, keep reading to learn what causes this.

Frito chips smelling feet in dogs

If your dog’s feet smell like corn chips first of all know that there is no need to panic. In most cases it’s a harmless phenomenon.

If your dog’s paws smell it’s because one of two reasons: He either stepped on something smelly, or there is bacteria or yeast growing in.

If your dog had any type of injury on his feet, either a nail broke or he cut his paws, microorganisms can develop in that area. And if the injury isn’t treated, an infection can occur.

However, not every smell will indicate to this issue.

How do bacteria and yeast cause the feet to smell?

Any area of the body that is invaded by bacteria or yeast will have tissue that is starting to die off. That will then release different chemicals that can cause a weird smell. But even the microorganisms themselves will produce other chemicals that will make the smell even worse.

That basically means that the odor that comes from wounds is caused by the microorganisms that invaded the tissue around the wound.

What causes dog feet to smell like Frito chips?

You probably already know that dogs sweat by panting. However, their primary way to cool themselves down is actually through their feet.

The sweat causes moisture between the paw pads and your dog’s toes. The moisture then can’t evaporate because it’s combined with heat. And that creates the perfect environment for yeast or bacteria to start invading your dog’s paws.

This is especially common in dog breeds that have fur around their paws that then starts to additionally moist that area. It can also occur in dogs that lick their feet or spend a lot of time in water.

Certain types of bacteria and yeast than invade the paws of those dogs and they get Frito chips smelling feet.

Can that cause any health problems for your dog?

Many dog owners start freaking out when they notice that their dog’s feet smell like corn chips. However, there really isn’t any reason to do so.

In most cases, the corn smell isn’t caused by an infection, but by the bacteria and yeast that is normally living on your dogs paws. They are completely normal for dogs to harbor.

However, in some rare cases an overgrowth of bacteria can cause a condition called pododermatitis.

If there is an abundance of bacteria on your dog’s feet it can cause inflammation or irritation. In those cases your dog may continuously lick his feet because of the discomfort he is experiencing.

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If you’re noticing any type of irritations around your dog’s paws, the best thing to do is to take him to the vet.

Is there anything to help with the Frito chips smelling feet in dogs?

If the corn chips smell is really starting to bother you, take your pup to the vet. The vet may run some tests to see if your dog has any kind of infections or if it’s just the normal bacteria and yeast that are supposed to live on your dog’s paws.

The vet will suggest the appropriate way on how to get rid of the corn chips smell from your dog’s feet. Your dog may be prescribed some medical wipes, sprays, shampoos or other topical treatments.

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