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The Golden Retriever is surely one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA, even in the whole world.

Their friendly and tolerant attitude is helping them keep that favourite place in the hearts of adults as well as children. They are both kids friendly and dog friendly, and you will have a hard time if you try to leave them alone for a long time in a day.

You must have already seen them as therapy dog helping those in need and service dogs at the airports sniffing around bags and luggage.

Also, since they are natural athletes, they will play main roles in competitions of agility and competitive obedience. Be ready to run after them on meadows, through rivers and especially on snow.

If you are planning to make you pack even bigger, consider adopting one of these beautiful pupps. They will always be loyal, almost overprotective but in a cute way and they will show you every day how smart they are.

See all Golden Retriever dog breed traits and facts before you fall in love over your head!

Golden Retriever popular articles

If we have not already convinced you and you are not already in your car rushing to the adoptin center to get a Golden Retriever, then try to resist all these beautiful examples of love, affection and constant laugh no matter what time of a day it is.

If you already own a Golden Retriever and now you are thinking of another one, or maybe more than one, you should read this: Adding a second Golden Retriever to the family: Pros and Cons

Also, there are few dog food allergies you should be careful about, so be sure to be informed right now. Some fruit is good, some is bas, as well as vegetables.


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