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If You Want a Golden Retriver, Read This Article First

If You Want a Golden Retriver, Read This Article First

Lucy Marguglio, hailing from Orlando, Florida, revels in the furry company of her two golden retrievers, Xena and Finn.

Nevertheless, she has realized that completing any task is nearly impossible without their eager involvement.

Finn, the four-year-old golden, especially relishes participating in every activity, even though his overenthusiastic interference can pose challenges.

Marguglio shared a comical TikTok video (@goldengirl_xena) in December, illustrating the struggles of “trying to do anything with a very needy golden retriever.” The video, viewed over 114,000 times, showcases Finn’s interruptions during tasks like putting on shoes, assembling furniture, or simply scrolling through phones, resonating with fellow dog owners who can relate to the delightful chaos.

Despite the challenges, Marguglio appreciates Finn’s playful spirit, acknowledging that life with a clingy pup brings joy and laughter.

She describes Finn’s constant companionship as enjoyable and occupying, with his love and desire to be part of every activity enhancing their daily lives.

Golden retrievers like Finn are known for their eagerness to please, and according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), they often maintain puppy-like behavior into adulthood.

To meet their mental stimulation needs, owners should provide daily exercise through walks, runs, or playtime.

While Finn’s assistance is appreciated, there are moments when Marguglio prefers him not to intervene. In such cases, she offers him new toys, chew bones, or interactive puzzles to keep him occupied.

Since sharing the video, Marguglio has received a positive online response, connecting with owners who can relate to the constant companionship and minimal solo moments.

With over 130 comments on the viral TikTok post, many praised Finn’s willingness to help with every task. One commenter expressed a desire for such “problems,” while another emphasized the fabulous nature of these furry companions.

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