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Lexie The Golden Retriever And Her Sheep BFFs Blow Up The Internet With Their Unusual Bond

Lexie The Golden Retriever And Her Sheep BFFs Blow Up The Internet With Their Unusual Bond

In a short TikTok adventure, Lexie the golden retriever steals the spotlight as she cozies up among her wooly companions on the farm of her owner, Alyssa Teeuwissen.

Captured in a video that exudes warmth and charm, Lexie is seen giving kisses to the sheep, truly in her element.

With over 12 million views since Alyssa shared the footage last week, Lexie’s carefree moments on the farm have garnered widespread appreciation.

Alyssa Teeuwissen affectionately notes that Lexie seems to believe she’s part of the sheep family, expressing:

“I swear she believes she’s a sheep half the time and wants to be with them all the time.”

TikTok users, enchanted by Lexie’s integration with the wooly crew, couldn’t help but share their joy in the comments.

“One of these is not like the others,” playfully observes one commenter, while another notes Lexie’s casual demeanor, saying, “Just chilling with his fam.”

The friendly banter continues as someone notices a sheep tugging at Lexie’s collar, sparking a humorous remark: “The one is tryna free him of the collar so they look the same.”

Others join in, expressing that Lexie is having the time of her life.

Lexie’s escapade isn’t the first instance of a golden retriever forming an unlikely friendship with a farm animal.

In October, another viral sensation featured Riley, a golden retriever, generously sharing a plush toy with a zebu calf, showcasing the lovable nature of these social dogs.

In the world of farm adventures and furry friendships, Lexie’s viral escapade stands out as a heartwarming reminder of the joy animals bring to our lives.

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