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Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller Welcomes New Furry Family Member

Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller Welcomes New Furry Family Member

Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller has a soft spot for dogs, so it comes as no surprise that she and her family recently welcomed a new puppy into their lives.

Meet Poe, a lively 4-month-old Australian shepherd who joined the Miller household from Whiteford in Harford County just two weeks ago. As the last of her litter, Poe quickly found her place among her new family members.

Poe happily joins Hachiko, a 2-year-old Australian shepherd affectionately known as Hachi, in the Miller household. According to Miller, the duo is already causing quite a ruckus around the house.

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Describing the lively pair, Miller shared, “They’re getting along so well that they’re currently running rampant in our house.”

The decision to bring Poe and Hachi into the family came after the loss of a beloved canine companion in 2023, leaving a noticeable void in the Miller household.

Miller expressed,

“When a dog leaves your home, it feels like a piece of your heart leaves with them. There’s a profound sense of emptiness and quietness.”

Hence, when Hachi joined the family, it became evident that he needed a furry companion of his own, leading to the arrival of Poe.

The name Poe, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, was suggested by one of Miller’s daughters for its simplicity and charm.

Welcoming Poe into the administration, Moore expressed his excitement at the prospect of Poe joining their furry family, particularly noting the anticipated fun Poe and Tucker, another canine companion, will have together at the State House.

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Miller and her husband, David, have been enjoying playful moments with Poe in their yard, including a memorable incident where they had to chase her around the garage to bring her back inside.

Recalling a comical incident soon after Poe’s arrival, Miller shared,

“Poe did a ‘flying leap’ into our backyard koi pond, leaving us stunned. We discovered she is quite the swimmer and can pull herself out. However, she wasn’t a fan of the impromptu bath that followed.

Describing Poe as incredibly intelligent, Miller highlighted the breed’s reputation for being brainy and energetic, according to the American Kennel Club.

She jokingly remarked,

“She’s so clever; she could probably join Mensa! Poe breezes through dog puzzles in minutes. She’s truly a brilliant pup, but no big deal.”

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In a message, Miller emphasized the incomparable love and joy that pets, especially dogs, bring into one’s life.

She warmly expressed, “Having a dog in your life is an unparalleled experience. The love and companionship they offer is truly special. I wish everyone could experience the unconditional love of a furry friend in their home.”

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