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Meet Bayou, the Apple-Loving Therapy Dog

Meet Bayou, the Apple-Loving Therapy Dog

Located in Con, Georgia, apples have taken on a new role at VIP Academy – they are now a special treat for a very special dog, Bayou.

This therapy dog has become an integral part of the school community, bringing comfort and joy to both students and staff.

During a typical day at VIP Academy, you might see Seth Fournier, a sophomore, offering Bayou an apple he snagged from the cafeteria. Bayou’s favorite snacks include yogurt and, of course, apples.

According to Fournier, Bayou doesn’t leave a single trace of the apple behind, devouring it down to the core!

For students like Patience Rutledge, the presence of Bayou at VIP Academy has made a significant difference. Rutledge appreciates the flexibility of virtual learning but acknowledges the benefits of being physically present at school.

With Bayou around, students feel more at ease and focused, especially in a world filled with social pressures and constant online distractions.

Andrea Bivins, the math teacher at VIP Academy, introduced Bayou to the school as a certified therapy dog. Bayou’s journey from being a guide dog in training to a beloved pet and now a therapy dog has touched the hearts of everyone at VIP Academy.

His ability to provide comfort and support has been remarkable, helping students navigate through tough moments and emotional challenges.

From calming panic attacks to offering a shoulder to cry on, Bayou is a true friend to all at VIP Academy. His impact extends far beyond just being a cute and cuddly companion.

As Bivins puts it, if Bayou can help students relax and momentarily forget about their worries, then it’s all worth it.

So, here’s a big shoutout to VIP Academy for embracing Bayou and recognizing the importance of emotional support in education. With Bayou by their side, students at VIP Academy are not just learning academic lessons; they are also learning about kindness, empathy, and the healing power of a wagging tail.

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