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Meet Lucy: The Tennessee Dog Whose Spots Miraculously Resemble Herself

Meet Lucy: The Tennessee Dog Whose Spots Miraculously Resemble Herself

Get ready to meet Lucy, the adorable Pitbull mix who’s capturing everyone’s attention with her uniquely patterned spots that bear a striking resemblance to none other than herself.

Back in 2017, Cassidy Johnson, a stay-at-home mom from Clarksville, Tennessee, visited Lollypop Farm, a shelter in Rochester, New York.

Little did she know that her life was about to change when she laid eyes on Lucy.

“We didn’t plan on adopting a dog that day. We were just going to check out the different dogs at the shelter,”

Cassidy shared the news, and added:

“But when we saw Lucy, we instantly knew it was meant to be. We couldn’t leave without her.”

Initially, Cassidy and her family didn’t realize one of Lucy’s most unique features: the amazing spots on her ears.

It wasn’t until they took Lucy to the pet store for treats and toys that a worker recognized her from a post the shelter had made about her extraordinary ear.

Lucy is covered in spots all over her body, but the spots on her left ear bear an uncanny resemblance to a dog, even resembling a selfie of Lucy herself.

“People are amazed by her ear and find it incredibly unique. Of course, we encounter the occasional online troll who assumes it’s photoshopped,”

Cassidy explained.

Now seven years old, Lucy still proudly sports her distinctive ear spots. Cassidy mentioned that there are simply more white hairs growing there now.

“Her selfie is still clearly visible,”

Cassidy added with a playful laugh.

Describing Lucy as a “huge couch potato,” Cassidy emphasized that she’s a loving and cuddly pet who enjoys nothing more than snuggling up with her family.

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