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Passengers Outraged by Pet Poo Incident on Flight

Passengers Outraged by Pet Poo Incident on Flight

According to WGN-TV, chaos ensued when a woman’s chihuahua broke free from its crate during a flight from Portland to Denver.

Passengers were left holding their noses as an unpleasant “poop smell” filled the cabin. One poor pregnant lady seated nearby had to hit the flight attendant call button for help.

Passenger Nick, who witnessed the smelly spectacle, shed some light on the situation. He and the pregnant lady quickly discovered the source of the odor — the adventurous pup roaming freely.

Source: The New York Post

It seems that the dog hadn’t been taken to the bathroom during the airport hustle and bustle, spending the entire time cooped up in its crate.

To make matters worse, the dog’s owner seemed hesitant to take responsibility for the mess or relocate with her odorous companion.

Frustrated passengers, like Burton Bix, reported that the flight attendants took their time responding to the situation. Eventually, they arrived wearing hazmat-like gear to clean up the mess and the surrounding area.

Source: The New York Post

Now, let’s talk pet policies. United Airlines is crystal clear about their rules for in-cabin pets.

Only cats and dogs that can fit under the seat are allowed, and there can only be one pet per carrier. The furry passengers must have enough space to stand up and turn around comfortably, as stated on United’s website.

As for the aftermath, United Airlines spokesperson assured everyone that the incident was addressed promptly. The airline offered travel vouchers and sanitizing wipes to affected passengers, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time such a smelly surprise has occurred on a flight.

In 2018, a passenger aboard a Delta Atlanta-to-Miami flight experienced a similar ordeal. Stepping on dog feces was bad enough, but the passenger’s attempt to seek assistance from the flight attendants backfired.

They were only provided with paper towels and a small bottle of gin to deal with the mess. Yikes!

So, dear dog owners, please remember to be mindful of your furry friends while traveling.

Let’s keep the skies fresh and clean for everyone. And to airlines, let’s make sure we handle these situations swiftly and with a dash of compassion.

Happy travels, folks!

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