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Police K9 Hero Locates Missing Child After Following Scent For 2 Miles

Police K9 Hero Locates Missing Child After Following Scent For 2 Miles

In an incredible rescue, a missing 12-year-old child was found with the help of a police K9 on Wednesday night.

The Auburn, Mass. police received a report around 10:30 p.m. that the child had been missing from home for about two hours.

Concerned for the child’s well-being, Massachusetts State Police troopers joined forces with local officers to assist in the search, considering the freezing temperatures and the urgency of the situation.

The Auburn Police Department called upon their exceptional K9, Biza, and her dedicated handler, Officer David Llunggren, to aid in the search.

Biza, a female German Shepherd, quickly picked up the scent and embarked on a two-mile journey that ultimately led them to the missing child.

Source: People

Following Biza’s lead, officers arrived at an area where evidence suggested the child had recently been present. With their coordinated efforts, they located the child shortly thereafter.

The relieved statement from the police department confirmed the safe reunion of the child with their family. The hard work and dedication of K9 Biza were praised, and the outcome was deemed a positive one.

Biza’s role in the police department is to utilize her exceptional sense of smell to assist officers in locating suspects, narcotics, evidence, firearms, and even explosives.

However, one of her most crucial tasks is finding missing children, elderly individuals, or individuals with disabilities who may have wandered off.

Two years ago, at just one and a half years old, Biza joined the Auburn Police Department. Her journey from Germany was made possible with the financial support of Massachusetts-based Vest-A-Dog, as reported by WBZ.

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