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Pyredoodle: Great Pyrenees Poodle Mix

Pyredoodle: Great Pyrenees Poodle Mix

Are you currently looking for a new dog to adopt into your family? Maybe you can’t decide between two dog breeds? Well, in that case, why not consider a crossbreed? And we even have a suggestion: Pyredoodles. The Pyredoodle is a newer hybrid or designer dog breed. It’s a mixture of two parent breeds, the large Pyrenees and a Standard Poodle. As a companion dog, the Pyredoodle has a lot to offer to the right person or family!

While this is a relatively new crossbreed, there are still certain things to expect from these puppies. You can be sure that this will be a large dog, but still a gentle giant. Both of his parent breeds are highly intelligent, so this dog will be a smart cookie as well. Keep on reading to find out the most important info about this cross.

Origins of the Pyredoodle

A Pyredoodle is a Doodle breed dog that has gained popularity among dog lovers. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a hybrid between a Standard Poodle and a Great Pyrenees. The American Kennel Club recognizes both of these dogs as purebreds, and both of them are incredibly popular all around the world.

Pyredoodles, however, are not eligible to join the AKC because they are a designer breed. That doesn’t have to concern you, it basically just means that your dog can’t take part in dog shows. Pyreneesdoodle, Pyreneespoo, and Pyrepoo are some of the other popular names given to these sweet-natured dogs, but Pyredoodle is the most common one. These are huge dogs, with an even bigger heart. 

Breeders opted to cross a Poodle with a Great Pyrenees dog to create a low-shedding dog in the 2000s, and this dog breed was born. These are bright canines who enjoy exploring and playing. They make wonderful pets and are incredibly cute! Pyredoodle pups are sweet and social, and they get along with everyone from little children to other pets. They even adjust well to apartment living, though we urge that it be given a home with a yard so that it has plenty of room to run around and play.

Pyredoodles are sweet and friendly dogs who can be very protective of their owners, particularly children. They have a watchdog mentality as well. Pyredoodles are an excellent choice for you and your home if you want a large but gentle dog with a big, loving personality. They may be single or double-coated, with varying textures and colors. Whether you choose a Pyredoodle with a double coat or one with a single coat, you will find that they shed very little, and most allergic people are unaffected by this huge designer dog.

Origins of the Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenees Mountain Dog, is a quiet, beautiful, large breed of dog that first originated in the Pyrenees area between France and Spain. Which pretty much explains where he got his name from, right?

The climate in the Pyrenees is quite cold, especially in winter. So the beautiful, thick fur coat of this dog appeals to generations of outdoor activities that protect sheep and other animals from terrifying predators such as wolves and bears! They were also loyal dogs who protected their family members.  

The native name of this dog is Le Grande Chien des Montagnes. This is French and translates to “the big dog of the mountains”. It is not specifically known how old this dog breed is, but we know that they reach pretty far back into history. Some even believe as far as 1800 BC. 

Origins of the Poodle

The Poodle is one of the most well-known and iconic dog breeds ever. They are even France’s national dog. There isn’t a person living in the modern world that has not seen a Poodle. At least on TV. As you probably already know, the modern Poodle is bred in three sizes: Toy, Miniature and Standard.

However, the Standard Poodle represents the original purebred Poodle dog breed. The Pyredoodle is the result of a cross between the Great Pyrenees dog and the Standard Poodle dog. Which explains the large size of this crossbreed. 

Even though the Poodle is often called the ‘French Poodle‘, and they are France’s national dog, their origins aren’t even from France! The origins of the Poodle go back to Germany, where this dog breed was popular due to its great swimming abilities. The Poodle isn’t even called like that in France, they are called “Caniche” or “Duck Dog“. And “poodle” in French stands for “splashing in the water”.

This name refers to the work of this water-loving dog, which retrieves fallen ducks from lakes and rivers. This breed is at least 400 years old and has been a family favorite for many, many years.

What is the great Pyrenees Poodle mix — Pyredoodle?

The Pyredoodle was described as “the best of both worlds” of the Great Pyrenees Dog and the standard poodle dog. The Pyredoodle is known as a loving, friendly, and social puppy. Some people call Pyredoodles the “nanny” of the dog world because of their protective and gentle nature. He loves to spend time with his family and his devotion to his owners is undeniable.

Pyredoodle Looks

A male Pyredoodle dog’s adult height ranges from 28 to 32 inches, while a female Pyredoodle’s height ranges from 22 to 26 inches. Pyredoodles weigh between 90 and 100 pounds for males and 85 to 95 pounds for females. As you can see, just like with many other dog breeds, males are a bit larger than females. 

Pyredoodle dogs come in a variety of hues, and their coats can be wavy or straight, depending on the dominant features of the parent breeds in each Pyredoodle. They are one of the cutest huge hypoallergenic dog breeds due to their floppy ears, petite eyes, and thick coat. Overall, this dog appears to be a friendly giant who possesses the greatest characteristics of each parent breed.

Because both parents have thick double coats, a Pyredoodle dog will have one as well. It’s also a breed that sheds very little. The Pyredoodle’s hair texture can range from straight to wavy or even curly. The coat sheds very little and is allergy-friendly. One thing to remember about the Pyredoodle is that they require a lot of grooming, both at home and by a professional groomer. To avoid uncomfortable mats, grooming a Doodle necessitates regular brushing and monthly trips to the groomer!

Cream or white Pyredoodles are the most popular colors. But that doesn’t mean that these are the only colors that they come in!  Other colors include gray, apricot, and black. Pyredoodle dogs usually have solid-color coats, but a combination of two colors can be seen from time to time as well.


The Pyredoodle is a low-shedding dog based on its genetic history. Depending on the dominant breed they inherited, they have a short or long coat. Short-medium coats are wavy, similar to the Standard Poodle, while longer and thicker coats resemble the Great Pyrenees.

The good news for Pyredoodle owners is that the Standard Poodle coat is generally dominant and does not shed. This feature is ideal for persons who suffer from allergies. Despite the modest shedding, your dog will require brushing on a regular basis to avoid matting. When they’re puppies, use a comb to get the tangles out. In addition, you can groom your Pyredoodle every six to eight weeks. Regular grooming prevents the dog from developing skin problems.

Bathe your pet only when it is absolutely required. Bathing frequently might cause the fur’s natural oils to become clogged. Aside from the fur coat, you should brush your dog’s teeth at least three times every week. When bathing them, make sure you are using a special dog shampoo that won’t dry out their skin. Regular human shampoo is way too harsh for our canine friends. 

Also, keep your dog’s nails clean by clipping them every now and then. If you aren’t experienced with clipping down dog nails, rather ask your groomer to do it. This is a pretty tricky task and you could even hurt your dog while doing it. And in addition to that, make sure you also clean your dog’s ears from time to time. Ideally after every bath.


If you are a couch potato, this might not be the right dog breed for you. Pyredoodle dogs require 60-90 minutes of daily exercise. Because they are large dogs, they are prone to lethargy and obesity, so giving them regular exercise and making sure that their diet is healthy is important. 

Keep in mind that, although being an energetic dog in general, they can be a bit of a slug. You will have to be the one motivating them to stay active. It’s a good idea to bring your dog along when you go hiking, jogging, or strolling. By engaging in activities with you, you can ensure that your dog’s mind and body are in good shape.

Remember that Pyredoodles are prone to overheating. So, if you’re planning a long activity such as a hike, be sure the weather isn’t too hot. Despite the fact that this dog breed adapts well to apartment living, it is critical that it spends time outside. They love being in nature, and it would be ideal if you lived in a rural area. However, that isn’t a must. Swimming is another sort of exercise that your Pyredoodle will undoubtedly appreciate, especially because Poodles were meant to be water dogs in the first place.

Because Pyredoodles have a tendency to wander, always keep them on a leash. Furthermore, when confronted with outsiders, they may become protective or violent. So a good leash will make your life so much easier.  You should avoid scheduling the dog’s exercise routine around its mealtime. Plan the exercise roughly 1-2 hours before or after the dog’s meal, to avoid bloat.

Pyredoodle health

Pyredoodles have a lifespan of 10-12 years and are generally healthy canines. However, they, like other dogs, may suffer from a variety of health conditions. Which is why it’s so important to buy your dog from a reputable breeder. Only reputable breeders do the necessary health testing to make sure that your puppy is as healthy as possible. 

In addition to that, you as a dog owner should also take your dog to regular vet visits. It can be confusing to know how often you should take your dog to the vet. But at least once a year will be necessary. To further promote his health, make sure your dog is getting his exercise and eating a balanced and nutritional diet. 

The most common health conditions in Pyredoodles include: 

Hip Dysplasia: Canine hip dysplasia is a disorder that Pyredoodles can inherit from either one of their parents. It usually appears as the dog ages, and it can cause agonizing pain and decreased mobility. As the dog gets older, this illness might also lead to arthritis.

Eye Issues: Because both parent breeds are known to have eye issues, Pyredoodles are likely to have these as well. Infections, conjunctivitis, pus, and other eye disorders are all common. Other conditions include cataracts, glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy. 

Bloating is one of the most common issues in both of the parent breeds. Your dog’s stomach fills up with gas, food, or fluid and subsequently twists. This is a medical emergency and requires immediate help. 

Thyroid difficulties, joint and mobility concerns, obesity, and diabetes are also common. You should take your pet to the vet for health examinations on a regular basis to avoid these problems from becoming serious and to guarantee that your pet lives a long and healthy life.

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Is the Pyredoodle a good family dog?

Pyredoodles can be great family dogs. Both parent dogs are usually excellent guard dogs. Both are highly intelligent with strong protective instincts. But that’s why it’s also so important to socialize them early on. They are considered to be great nanny dogs, and it’s not hard to see why. 

The Pyredoodle is a mixture of two very intelligent, independent, and driven parent dogs. It will be very important to start socialization and training early, using only positive training methods with many rewards and verbal praise. 

They will be warm-hearted and loving with the family and pretty reserved towards strangers. These are shy dogs and they will need some warming up with people they don’t know. They love kids, and will never turn down spending time on family adventures. 

Most importantly, although the watchdog property is strong in both purebred parent dogs, neither of the dogs is aggressive. Also, both are intelligent enough to be easily trained.

How to choose a puppy?

Pyrenees Poodle mix puppies will be very sweet – you can rely on that. For this reason, it is important to carry out all your research before contacting breeders and visiting available litters. When visiting the parents of your future puppy, you can get the best idea about how he is going to look and act. 

The healthiest Pyrenees poodle puppies will come from respected and responsible Pyredoodle breeders who put the health of their puppies above all else, including appearance. Reputable breeders do the necessary health tests and your dog will be less likely to suffer from different hereditary health issues. 

While the high price may be a bit of a problem at first, now that the additional costs will be well worth it. Responsible breeders should ensure that the parent dogs are always pre-checked and tested for known genetic health problems before breeding. That way they can prevent some health concerns from being passed on to future litters of puppies.

Final words

Now that you learned so much about this dog it’s up to you if it’s a good idea to adopt one of them into your family. Pyredoodles are a cross of two intellectual dog breeds. It’s a great dog for a family with children and other pets because of its loyalty and protectiveness. While they are a large dog breed, they are still known for being very sweet and many even call them gentle giants. 

This breed requires extensive socialization as a puppy in order to feel at ease among other dogs and people. Despite their enormous size, they are extremely shy dogs, so you’ll need to train it with care to help it gain confidence. Their size may also be a problem if you have very young children, as they could knock them over.

If you buy one of these puppies from a breeder, keep in mind that they are susceptible to genetic disorders. As a result, seek out a reputable breeder who can conduct pre-tests to assure your dog’s health. Also, keep an eye on the costs and only purchase if the average price is fair. Many people out there are just looking for how to scam you. 

If you’re looking for a family dog, the Pyredoodle is an excellent option. To thrive, he requires little upkeep, frequent grooming, an hour of exercise, and the right food and nutrients. But the price of Pyredoodle puppies will be so worth it because these dogs will provide you with a lifetime of unconditional love.

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