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Rescued Rose: After Six and a Half Years in the Woods

Rescued Rose: After Six and a Half Years in the Woods

In the heart of the woods near Crawley Down in West Sussex, England, a resilient soul named Rose lived six-and-a-half years in solitude.

Discovered by a compassionate soul in late November, Rose’s journey from the wild to a caring embrace is a testament to the power of human kindness.

Lost Dog Recovery UK South, a nonprofit fueled by donations and driven by volunteers, shared the touching story of Rose on December 11, last year.

The concerned citizen who first spotted Rose not only halted traffic but also understood the importance of letting Rose retreat into the woodland. They quickly returned with food, an act of compassion that set the wheels in motion for Rose’s rescue.

As word spread, it became apparent that locals were aware of Rose, considering her a frequent but self-sufficient visitor. Described as a stray, the dog was often fed by kind-hearted residents who believed she should be left to wander freely.

A compassionate individual, “slightly perplexed but still very concerned,” reached out to Lost Dog Recovery UK South, sparking the journey to unveil Rose’s story.

Setting up cameras and leaving food, the group discovered Rose’s nightly visits, revealing a resilient spirit “waiting” for dinnertime. It was revealed that Rose, believed to be a stray for a decade, was, in fact, cared for by locals who prioritized her well-being. The revelation deeply moved the organization, prompting them to work on establishing a feeding routine for the senior dog.

*Rose was successfully captured on December 9., in the trap pictured above. Subsequently, it was revealed that she had escaped from her owners back in March 2017, a fact uncovered by Lost Dog Recovery UK South. Source: Fox News

In a heartwarming turn of events, Rose was finally trapped and brought in on December 9. The initial shock and fear gave way to gentleness as she found warmth and safety in the kennels.

The most surprising revelation came when the organization discovered that Rose not only had a microchip but also a name – Rose. Missing since March 2017, Rose’s fate took an unexpected turn, leading her to Crawley Down.

Although Rose’s original owners, located after her rescue, are unable to bring her back into their home due to changed circumstances, her story embodies the resilience of spirit and the transformative power of compassion.

As Rose enters her senior years, she can finally savor the warmth of a loving home, a stark contrast to the cold and wet wilderness she once navigated alone.

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