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Rottweiler Lab Mix: What You Have To Know

Rottweiler Lab Mix: What You Have To Know

The Rottweiler Lab Mix is a crossbreed of two very popular dog breeds. In this article, we introduce you to all the important information about this beautiful mixed breed dog.

In order to find the right dog for you, in addition to the appearance, the character of the dog should also play an important role in choosing the right dog for you.

Origin, history and name of the Rottweiler Lab mix

The Labrador-Rottweiler Mix is now a widespread mixed breed dog. This is certainly also due to the popularity of Labradors and Rottweilers. However, where this particular mixed breed dog originated is not known.

Rottweilers have their origin in Germany. Labradors in Canada. Both of these breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club. But their cross isn’t, which comes as no surprise. It is believed that their mixed breed is fairly new — as they weren’t geographically too close in history.

The Rottweiler Lab Mix, which is also called Rottador or Labrottie, has a large fan base nowadays. And it’s not too hard to see why. These dogs are protective and friendly family pets.

Rottweiler Lab Mix appearance

The appearance of a mixed breed dog is not the same for every litter. What the Labrador-Rottweiler puppies look like in the end is therefore not always clear beforehand. But, it is clear that Rottweiler and Labrador go very well together, because the puppies look very stately in almost every case.

Although the Labrador is also a dog that has a rather wide head and a strong figure, the Rottweiler puts another shovel on it here. Therefore, the crossbreeds of both breeds are also stronger than a normal labrador. This is particularly often reflected in the characteristic wide head shape of the Rottweiler.

The coat color of this cross depends on many factors. However, the biggest influencing factor is the color of the fur of the labrador in this cross. Labradors are available in three different colors, which is black and dark brown but also a lighter yellow that can even reach into the reddish.

With a black Labrador as a mother or father, the Labrador Rottweiler Mix will look significantly darker than with a Labrador with yellow fur. Mixed breeds of black labradors and Rottweiler can even have almost exactly the same pattern as a normal Rottweiler.

But here, as with any crossbreed, the exact color depends on the characteristics of the two parents.

Labrador Rottweiler Mix Size

The size of the Rottador is probably between the size of a Labrador and that of a Rottweiler. Rottweilers are a little more beefy than labradors and therefore give the puppies a slightly stronger appearance.

The size of a Labrador-Rottweiler mixed breed dog is therefore, usually, around 25 inches.

However, there may be slight fluctuations in height in both breeds, so it is not possible to estimate exactly how big a labrottie usually becomes.

Labrador Rottweiler Mix Weight

It is difficult to set a uniform standard for the weight of mixed breeds from Labrador and Rottweiler. But in most cases they will be somewhere around 40 to 50 pounds.

What both breeds have in common is the love of food and also the associated risk of obesity. In breeds, overweight tends to develop very quickly. Therefore, you should be moderate when feeding your Labrador Rottweiler Mix and feed as few treats, food residues or the like as possible.

Rottweiler Labrador Mix Health

In addition to appearance, as a future dog owner you also have to wonder about all of the possible diseases.

Life expectancy is also an important criterion for many dog owners, after all, it hurts a lot to lose your dog at a young age or to see age-related diseases at an early age.

As far as diseases are concerned, the Labrador Rottweiler Mix is well positioned. Both breeds have few genetic diseases.

However, Labradors are a little more affected by this. Labradore can develop eye problems, knee problems and in a few cases hereditary autoimmune diseases.

The Rottweiler, on the other hand, are almost completely free of hereditary diseases. However, both races, Rottweiler and Labrador, have a relatively high chance of suffering from hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia due to their height. The disease affects many large dog breeds and does not only occur with Labs.

The disease is incurable, but can be delayed with good treatment. Treatment can significantly reduce pain for affected dogs.

Labrottie life expectancy

A Labrador Rottweiler mix usually turns between 8 and 12 years old. Life expectancy is usually tied to height and weight.

Mixed breeds that tend to come after a labrador in height and physique will probably get older than larger crossbreeds that look more after the Rottweiler.

Rottweiler have a slightly lower life expectancy, also due to their higher weight. On average, life expectancy is in a time window of 8 – 10 years.

Labradors are getting a little older. Owners can look forward to a life expectancy of up to 12 years on average. However, individual dogs can also get significantly older

Nature and Character

It is not possible to say exactly in advance which personality traits a Labrador Rottweiler mix will have. However, based on the typical nature of the two races, we can make some assumptions. Of course, you can’t infer every single dog, but the breed characteristics are usually quite close to reality.

Labradors are very good family dogs that are curious about people and especially strangers and rather friendly.

As a former guard dog, the Rottweiler is a little more closed and is rather skeptical about strangers. After all, he wouldn’t be a good watchdog if he ran towards every intruder waving tails.

However, both dog breeds are very calm as working dogs and are therefore difficult to disturb.

Is the Labrottie aggressive?

Rottweilers have quite the reputation as aggressive dogs that attack people. More training and early education and socialization are necessary to prevent such incidents. But Rottweilers are in no why more aggressive than other dog breeds of that sort.

You will have to start socializing your dog from an early age to make sure that he is at his best behavior. With a lot of love and training, all dogs have the potential to be absolutely loving. And Rottweiler mixes are no exception.

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