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When Do Golden Retrievers Stop Growing?

When Do Golden Retrievers Stop Growing?

You adore your new Golden Retriever puppy. He’s everything you wished for, playful, happy, and incredibly cute. Most people would love their Goldens to stay this way forever. However, you know he will very quickly grow and become an adult. So, how long does your Golden Retriever stay puppy, and when do Golden Retrievers stop growing? 

Golden Retriever Puppy Growth Stages

There are five distinct stages of puppy growth, from the moment they are born until they become adults. Each stage is characterized by physical development, changes in behavior, and socialization of the puppy.


During this stage that lasts from the moment he is born until three weeks of age, your Golden Retriever puppy is helpless. Puppies in this stage need help from their mother to stay alive. She will feed them, keep them warm, clean, and protect them. During the neonatal period, your puppy’s eyes will start to open and the first baby teeth will come through. He will start to crawl and eventually walk.


During this stage, your puppy will start to learn about the world around him. Puppies will start to eat solid food as the mother stops producing milk. This stage is vital for the proper development of the puppy. They will learn to socialize and learn important skills. During this stage, your puppy needs to meet other puppies and people, learn to play and interact with them. Your puppy will learn bite inhibition and start growling and barking. Also, at this stage, between six and eight weeks of age, they will start to experience fear. Therefore, you must avoid any stressful situation as it can leave long-lasting effects on their behavior. 


This period lasts from three months to six months of age. During this stage, your puppy will lose its baby teeth and adult teeth will start to come through. This is also the time when the puppy has developed enough to be separated from its mother. As soon as you take the puppy to your house, you can start with training. This is a crucial period as the habits he develops during this period will stay with him for life.

At this stage, you should also spay or neuter your Golden Retriever if you are not planning on breeding him.

Sexual Maturity

During this period that lasts from six months to about sixteen months of age, Golden Retrievers grow especially fast. Therefore, their bones are susceptible to injury. This is also a stage when your puppy sexually matures and starts displaying mating behavior if not neutered or spayed. Your Golden Retriever puppy will also start challenging you and other members of your household to determine his role and position in the pack.


When they reach sixteen months of age, Golden Retrievers are considered adults. However, most Golden Retrievers will fully develop by the time they are two years old. 

Golden Retriever Puppy Growth Charts

It can be difficult, especially for new owners, to determine if their puppy is growing and developing correctly. Luckily we have growth charts for male and female Golden Retriever puppies. These charts are perfect for following the development and overall health of your Golden Retriever puppy. 

Female Puppy Growth Chart
When Do Golden Retrievers Stop Growing: Female Puppy Growth Chart
Male Puppy Growth Chart
When Do Golden Retrievers Stop Growing: Male Puppy Growth Chart

So, When Do Golden Retrievers Stop Growing?

Your Golden Retriever should reach its full weight and stop growing at around 18 months of age. However, every puppy is different, and these are just general guidelines. When it comes to mental development, Golden Retrievers are known to mature slowly, and it will take longer than two years of age for them to fully mature.

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