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When do puppies calm down?

When do puppies calm down?

Two weeks ago I got a new puppy (exciting I know!). But besides this being the happiest time of my life it’s also the most exhausting time. I seem to constantly ask the same question “when do puppies calm down?”. And oh boy, was I desperately searching for an answer.

I did a lot of research on this topic and I thought why not share my findings with fellow happy (but very exhausted) puppy parents!

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So, in this article I am going to do exactly that, share what I have found out about puppies, their energy levels, why they are so hyper, and most importantly when on earth they finally calm down!

When do puppies calm down
Young dogs to have neverending energy

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my little fluffy ball of energy, but sometimes it just gets a bit overwhelming. Especially if you’re a working dog parent. So, without further ado let’s dive right in!

When do puppies calm down?

Friends, I don’t want to drag you along, so I’ll be straightforward. There is no particular age where puppies just go from hyper little monsters to calm dogs.

It’s normal for puppies to have very, very high energy levels. I mean, it’s kind of logical. They are like babies, they are experiencing a whole new world. Everything seems interesting to them and they can turn any situation into playtime. They are constantly looking for new things and places to explore.

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And truth be told, we kind of do love them for that. We love their curious nature. It’s just that sometimes we’d like them to chill out a bit, right?

Important factors

However, as I’ve mentioned there isn’t really a set age where your dog will calm down. Just like every child is different, every dog is unique too.

Smaller breeds tend to mature and calm down sooner than large breeds

Breed and size

The biggest key in determining when your dog might calm down finally is to take their breed into consideration. Some dog breeds simply have more energy than others, no matter their age.

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Your dog’s size is a big factor too. Larger breeds, like for example Golden Retrievers, mature much slower than smaller breeds like a Chihuahua for example.


Remember when I said that puppies simply want to explore the world? They are curious. Well, their curiosity is another factor that determines when they’ll calm down. If they are exposed to as many people, situations, places, and things as puppies, they are more likely to mature faster.

This means the more experiences your dog collects the calmer they will be. And, I don’t only mean their energy levels. By doing this you’re properly socializing your dog, so you’re decreasing the chance of them being aggressive as well!

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Lastly, another factor is their sex. Yep! Do you know how they say that girls mature faster than boys? Well, apparently the same goes for dogs too!

It’s proven that female dogs will mature much quicker than male dogs, no matter the breed or size!

When do puppies calm down
Male dogs are known to mature slower than female dogs


In conclusion, there is no set answer to the question of when do puppies calm down. It’s all individual.

However, according to experts, most puppies start to calm down around six to nine months, but they won’t reach full maturity until they are between one and two years old.

What you can do to control your dog’s energy a little bit is tiring them out during playtime!

Regular exercise, long walks, and playtime is all very important in keeping your dog happy and tiring them out a little bit. Also, by doing this you’re preventing them from acting destructively. Besides physical stimulation, mental stimulation is very important too. You might want to invest in good mental stimulation toys for your dog.

Lastly, obedience training is a must! Even though it doesn’t seem like it’s important in this case, it is! You want your dog to listen to you, so when they are acting out, you should be able to calm them down through commands.

My name is Jackie and I am a veterinarian with a degree in veterinary medicine. With extensive experience in treating various animals, I am known for my compassionate and personalized approach to animal care.