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Why Do Dogs Get Stuck When They Mate?

Why Do Dogs Get Stuck When They Mate?

Dogs mate. It’s completely normal and natural. However, a few things about that process are pretty unclear to a lot of people. One of them definitely is why do dogs get stuck when they mate? If your dog ever did mate while you were nearby you probably noticed that even up to 30 minutes after the mating comes to an end, dogs are still tied up together? But what exactly doesn’t allow them to separate once the coitus is over?

Why do dogs get stuck when they mate?

The answer to why dogs get stuck together when they mate lies in the anatomy of the dog’s reproductive system.

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When dogs are in heat, their biggest desire is to mate. And once they do get the chance, your male dog will stay inside of the female dog’s vagina even after ejaculating. That is because his penis get swollen while inside the bitch’s vagina and he literally can’t get it out. In addition to that, the the blubis glandis swells too, making it even harder to withdraw.

This act of two dogs getting stuck together while mating is called a tie, or the “second phase of coitus”. It can last for anywhere between 10 do 30 minutes.

Is it normal for dogs to get stuck while they are mating?

Yes, it is completely normal and common! Canines have what is known as a copulatory tie while mating. That is absolutely normal and you shouldn’t in any way try to separate these two dogs from each other. Otherwise you might end up seriously injuring one of them.

In an evolutionary perspective, intercourse between two canines has the sole purpose of impregnating the female dog. And as scary as it may seem to you that these two are stuck together, it’s nothing to worry about and actually benefits the impregnation process. They are not having a hard time, instead, they are working on a littler of puppies.

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It may be a bit scary for dog owners that have never seen it before, especially because male dogs turn their rear ends back to the ground while the female dogs cry or even whimper. However, neither your female nor your male dog will get hurt in this process. You are more likely to hurt them if you try to separate the tie up.

What happens when the dogs get stuck?

If you’re interested what the reason is that the male dog can’t get his penis out of the female dog’s vagina, we will have to do a quick anatomy lesson.

The anatomy of a canine’s reproductive system
The bulbus glands around the male dog’s penis swell during the mating process not allowing him to withdraw.

Around the penis of a male dog there are bulbus glands. The bulbus glands are an erectile tissue structure. During the mating process, and immediately before ejaculation the tissues swell up to lock the male’s penis inside the female. The locking is completed by circular muscles inside the female dog’s vagina. This muscle further prevents the male dog from withdrawing. The circular muscles also contract, stimulating the ejaculation process.

The Different Stages of a Tie

Canine mating is a natural process that is divided into three main stages. These are some of them:

  1. First stage — Mounting: When the male dog receives the indication that the female dog is ready, male mount their female partners.
  2. Penetration: The next stage requires the male dog successfully locating, recognizing, and piercing the vulva of the female counterpart. If this is his first time, he may require assistance from the breeder.
  3. Final step — Ejaculation: After penetration, the male dog will hump and release his prostatic fluid, along with his sperm, into the female.

This mating process should never be interfered with or interrupted. Do not intrude, even if the dogs are whimpering in pain and you feel powerless. This is typical behavior, especially in puppies. Always keep an eye on the mating procedure. In the event of an emergency, you should be able to contact your veterinarian.

Slip mating

Slip mating happens when the male dog withdraws his penis before ejaculation, preventing canine coitus. When his female partner isn’t fully prepared for the act, slip mating can happen.

To avoid slip mating, make sure both dos are relaxed and confident. To avoid any discomfort, introduce them well before the mating process begins. While slip mating isn’t dangerous, it can be a disappointment for dog breeders looking to breed new puppies.

What Is The Function Of The Copulatory Tie?

The male and female are held together by the copulatory knot during and after ejaculation. This traps the male’s sperm inside the female, boosting the chances of the sperm fertilizing the eggs. Female dogs only go into heat once every six months on average, thus this procedure enhances the chances of pregnancy and a litter.

How long do dogs stay tied together?

Dogs remain glued together for five to 45 minutes at the end of the mating process. The male dog dismounts and comes to a halt behind the female. If this is your dog’s first time to mate he may be feeling a bit of anxiety about being locked together, but this is a natural thing of the procedure. Assist your dog in remaining calm and standing still until the two of you are able to securely separate. Once the male dog’s excitement level has decreased, this will happen on its own.

Does getting stuck mean the female dog is pregnant?

The longer the canines are tethered in a copulatory tangle, the more likely the semen will reach the eggs.

Around 25 days after mating is the best time for a veterinarian to determine if your dog is pregnant with an exam or an ultrasound, according to the American Kennel Club. Around three weeks after mating, you may notice signs of pregnancy, such as:

  1. Weight gain and increased hunger
    bloated stomach
  2. Nipples that are larger and darker
  3. Vomiting

If you’re concerned that your dog has become pregnant by accident, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to explore your alternatives. The best time would be to do it right after the mating.

Does it happen to neutered dogs?

Sometimes canines mate even when neutered. In general, it’s very rare for a neutered dog to get stuck when paired with a female. You’re more likely to see this if you’ve just had your dog neutered. The reason may be that his testosterone levels may still be higher than they will be at a later times.

Testosterone has an effect on the size of the bulbis glandis and on a dog’s sex drive. He or she can still get excited, have intercourse, and finish with a copulatory tie no matter how little hormone there is. This is true even if there is less of the hormone.

I don’t want my dog to mate! Can I separate them then?

No! If you don’t want your dog to mate, you can neuter or spay them. Even if you didn’t do that, you still had more than enough time to separate the before the mating process began. By forcefully separating two dogs that are mating you are risking to seriously injure both of them.

There are times when you might want to try to separate two dogs that are having sex. Pulling two dogs apart can be very dangerous, and it won’t stop a pregnancy from happening. Instead, try to make your dog stay calm. Even though it may be painful to watch canines in this awkward position, it is an important part of canine mating.

Male dogs should stay away from fertile female dogs at all times if you want to avoid an pregnancy. But that it’s not always possible. A female may be pregnant four weeks after the start of her heat cycle. During this time, when the red discharge goes away, she is at her most fertile point.

But keep in mind that it can be hard to keep a male dog away from a female dog in heat. At times, it may be impossible. Dogs on the hunt for a mate have been known to knock people down and smash through doors and containers. The only way to make sure your dog doesn’t get pregnant is to have it spayed or neutered.

You might find it hard to watch your dog get stuck during mating, but it isn’t dangerous. However, if you plan to breed your dog and tie it up, that’s good news. It could mean that some furry bundles of joy are on their way.

Conclusion: Why do dogs get stuck when they mate?

Even though it may look scary to newer dog owners, dogs getting stuck while they mate is a completely normal process.

The reason to it lays in the anatomy of the canine reproductive system and is mostly associated with the bulbus glands of a male dog.

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If your dog ties up together with a dog of the opposite sex while mating, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The process lasts only for up to 30 minutes and it’s called the second phase of coitus.

You will help your dog the most if you just leave them alone until the whole process comes to an end.

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