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Why fish oil is the best thing you can give your dog!

Why fish oil is the best thing you can give your dog!

Having a dog is a lot of work and it means we need to ensure they get fed the best possible food and supplements. One such great supplement is surely fish oil. It is beneficial for so many things.

Including fish oil as a part of your beloved dog’s nutritional routine has great health benefits that support your furry friend’s healthy skin and coat! The best part is that it’s also very good for your dog’s memory!

Fish oil contains 2 different essential Omega-3 acids,  EPA and DHA. These acids can be found in fish like herring, salmon, mackerel, or sardines. At first, fish oils were recommended to treat canines with allergies. Nowadays it is used for numerous health conditions, including high cholesterol and arthritis, it is also great to support a healthy immune system.

Fish oil supports a shiny coat and healthy skin, as well as optimal shedding levels. It also supports normal joint and connective tissue, and can even help support healthy functioning of the heart and kidneys!