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Woman Clings to Car Hood in Desperate Bid to Save Stolen French Bulldog

Woman Clings to Car Hood in Desperate Bid to Save Stolen French Bulldog

In a heart-wrenching incident that has captured widespread attention, a woman’s desperate attempt to save her cherished French Bulldog, Onyx, from abduction has thrust her into the spotlight.

Ali Zacharias, the devoted owner, recounted the traumatic ordeal, detailing how an unknown woman seized Onyx’s leash as they were outside a Los Angeles Whole Foods on January 18, leading to a harrowing chain of events.

Initially believing it to be a misunderstanding, Zacharias confronted the woman, only to face indifference.

Onyx. Source: LAPD

The situation escalated when the woman retreated to a white KIA Forte, allegedly locking Zacharias out and prompting her to make a daring move – jumping onto the car hood to prevent its escape.

Witnesses, including Harrison Pessy, were horrified as they witnessed the unfolding drama, capturing the shocking incident on video.

Pessy described the escalating chaos, stating that the driver aggressively tried to dislodge Zacharias from the hood, creating a perilous situation.

The viral video portrays Zacharias desperately clinging to the speeding car as it accelerates. Despite her courageous efforts, the car ultimately sped away with Onyx.

Zacharias, displaying remarkable resilience, eventually let go of the vehicle. The Los Angeles Fire Department later attended to her for minor injuries.

Expressing her deep connection to Onyx, Zacharias declared a reward for his safe return, describing him as a “black Merle French Bulldog with a spotted coat and different-colored eyes,” emphasizing the profound bond she shares with him.

The LAPD has identified two suspects in connection with the incident – a Black woman, approximately 25 years old, donning a “gray hoodie, purple sweatpants, and black shoes,” and a Black male of similar age.

The emotional toll of this heartrending saga reverberates as the search for Onyx intensifies, leaving a community shaken and united in hope for his safe return.

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