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Z The Pup Has No Eyes But Loves Playing Fetch

Z The Pup Has No Eyes But Loves Playing Fetch

When Z’s parents welcomed her into their family two years ago, she was already blind. Despite her challenging past, the resilient pup was eager to embrace her new life with her forever family.

“Looking at her shelter photos, she seemed a bit worse for wear,”

shared Tran Le, Z’s mom.

“The vet mentioned cataracts and glaucoma as the cause of her blindness. Eventually, her eyes had to be removed due to glaucoma symptoms. Yet, she moves around effortlessly.”

Even at 9 years old and without sight, Z is full of energy and always up for a game. Her absolute favorite pastime is playing fetch, even though she can’t see the ball she’s chasing.

“Her love for fetch was evident from the very beginning,”

Le recounted.

“She’s constantly on the lookout for toys, especially her ball, and she’ll bring them to us to throw. She’s relentless in her quest for fetch, waking up in the morning and immediately searching for her ball.”

Z is a fetch pro, effortlessly locating the ball every time despite her blindness. Her family is continually amazed by her abilities.

Le began sharing videos of Z playing fetch on TikTok, captivating audiences with the story of the fluffy blind dog who adores her daily games.


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Sometimes, Z even catches the ball mid-air, showcasing her remarkable skills. While everyone admires her abilities, for Z, it’s all about the pure joy of playing.

Despite a challenging start, sweet Z now lives a dream life, playing fetch daily with a loving family that cherishes her.

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