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A Dog Owner’s Clever Crate Makeover Is Pawsitively Stylish

A Dog Owner’s Clever Crate Makeover Is Pawsitively Stylish

Anja, a dog owner from Belgium, found a creative way to integrate a necessary dog care item into her home decor in just half a day.

Recognizing the importance of providing Cookie, her Australian Labradoodle, with a safe space, Anja felt that the traditional crate stood out like a sore thumb in her living room. Determined to find a solution, she and her husband decided to give the crate a makeover.

“I couldn’t stand the sight of the ‘black cage’ in our living room, but Cookie really needs it as her cozy spot to relax since she was a puppy. So, my husband suggested we spruce it up,”

she shared.

With some DIY skills and a bit of time, they successfully transformed the bulky dog crate into a stylish piece of furniture that seamlessly blended with their decor.

While dog crates serve various purposes such as providing a secure resting place, aiding in training, and facilitating transportation, they have faced criticism for potential issues like prolonged confinement. However, for many dogs like Cookie, the crate serves as a comforting retreat.

Source: Newsweek

Using birch plywood strips to create a chic Scandi-style look that complemented their couch, Anja and her husband revamped the crate without breaking the bank.

“We didn’t keep track of the cost since we mainly used materials we already had. The entire makeover only took us about 12 hours,”

Anja revealed.

“Now, it blends in seamlessly, and it was actually a fun and not-too-challenging project to tackle on your own.”

Encouraging others to try their hand at DIY crate transformations, Anja shared their project on her Instagram page @cookie_the_doodle_, where followers praised the creative idea.

“It looks amazing!” commented one user. “Absolutely stunning.”

Another viewer remarked, “It fits much better with the interior now.”

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