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Paws for a Cause In Saving Everett’s Gazebo in Clark Park

Paws for a Cause In Saving Everett’s Gazebo in Clark Park

Hey there, folks in Everett! Guess what?

Your community is coming together to show some serious love for a true gem in your city – the gazebo in Clark Park. This historic landmark has been a part of the city for ages, but plans are in motion to replace it with a dog park.

Andrea Tucker, the head honcho at Historic Everett, a group dedicated to preserving the city’s history, is all about honoring the past. She believes that keeping the gazebo intact is a way of paying tribute to Everett’s roots.

To rally support, the nonprofit recently hosted an event to celebrate this special spot that holds so many memories for locals.

According to Tucker, this gazebo is a one-of-a-kind treasure in Everett, serving as a gathering place for the community for a whopping 103 years. It’s been a hub for speeches, events, and even protests over the years.

Trygve Anderson, a lifelong Everett resident at the sprightly age of 79, cherishes the gazebo for its personal significance. For him and many others, this spot is not just any old structure – it’s a piece of their childhood, a link to the past that shouldn’t be erased.

Tucker urges everyone to show their support for preserving the gazebo by reaching out to the Everett City Council and Mayor Cassie Franklin. If you want more details, shoot an email over to [email protected].

Simone Tarver, the brains behind the project at the City of Everett, acknowledges the sentimental value of the Clark Park gazebo. However, due to the need for costly repairs, the tough decision to replace it was made in collaboration with the Bayside Neighborhood Association.

While we don’t have a set timeline for when the gazebo will bid adieu and the dog park will take its place, one thing is for sure – the community spirit in Everett is alive and kicking, ready to embrace the changes ahead.

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