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Abandoned Dog Patiently Waits For His Family To Return

Abandoned Dog Patiently Waits For His Family To Return

In the heart of Orange County, a compassionate community bands together to care for homeless animals.

While some focus on aiding local cat colonies, others dedicate their efforts to rescuing dogs. Despite working independently, their shared goal remains unwavering: to better the lives of needy animals.

During a routine feeding for a local cat colony, Arturo Flores and Lou Dora stumbled upon an unexpected sight—a pit bull mix hidden among the foliage, appearing scared and anxious. In an industrial area, the duo couldn’t determine her origin until a local business worker revealed a heartbreaking truth.

According to Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue, the pup had been callously dumped from a car, as recounted by a tire shop employee.

Motionless since that day, the dog clung to a small patch of grass, seemingly holding onto hope that her family would return.

Source: The Dodo

With no sign of her previous family, Flores and Dora reached out to Logan’s Legacy for assistance. Hall quickly responded, recognizing that rescuing the dog named Bean was essential. However, convincing Bean to leave her sanctuary required a clever approach.

Setting up a humane trap with tempting treats, Hall observed the hungry pup’s reaction. In a matter of minutes, Bean willingly stepped into the trap, her hunger overriding her fear.

Source: The Dodo

Once secured, Bean made her way to Camino Pet Hospital, revealing scabs on her legs and ears—a testament to her struggle for survival. As the veterinary team washed away the remnants of her ordeal, Bean’s resilience shone through.

Now named Bean, the pup has found solace in a loving foster home where care and affection abound. Although Hall envisions a permanent home for Bean in the future, she rejoices in the pup’s current safety and happiness.

Source: The Dodo

Describing Bean as a cuddly, sweet, and thankful dog who adores hugging her foster family, Hall acknowledges Bean’s ongoing journey to healing. While the grass may have been the only comfort Bean once knew, her story proves that a brighter, greener future awaits this brave canine.

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