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Rowlf The Pooch Is A Huge Dog, But A Lapdog At Heart

Rowlf The Pooch Is A Huge Dog, But A Lapdog At Heart

In the quirky world of pets, Rowlf, the enormous Newfoundland poodle, stands out as a gentle giant who believes he’s still a tiny pup.

Despite growing to an impressive six-foot-tall stature and weighing over seven stone, Rowlf remains blissfully unaware of his giant size.

Owned by Craig Pankhurst and his family since 2018, Rowlf has become a source of constant amusement.

Much like the comical escapades of other animals, Rowlf’s antics include attempting to squeeze onto Craig’s lap, oblivious to his size.

Craig, a dad-of-two from Thurstaston, chuckles at Rowlf’s antics, saying:

“He occasionally tries to hop up onto my lap. It’s quite amusing when he does. He thinks he’s a lapdog.”

Despite the chaos Rowlf occasionally brings, his presence has made a significant impact on the Pankhurst family. Two years before Rowlf entered their lives, Craig faced a challenging period after suffering a stroke.

Source: Mirror UK

Rowlf, with his playful nature and daily exercise needs, became a catalyst for Craig’s recovery.

Craig shared:

“Being a dog that needs exercising, on the days where I have suffered with depression and anxiety, he has forced me to go out. He’s fun, energetic, and engaging. Now his role is to bring happiness and light to the charity and anyone who engages with it.”

Rowlf, not just a giant dog but a therapeutic companion, has become the ‘ambassadog’ for Craig’s charity, A Stroke of Luck.

In Rowlf’s world, size doesn’t matter; it’s the joy and companionship he brings that truly make him a legend in the Pankhurst household.

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