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Learn How This Gentle Giant Came From Lonely Park Bench to Cuddly Couch Companion

Learn How This Gentle Giant Came From Lonely Park Bench to Cuddly Couch Companion

In November 2023, the Austin Humane Society (AHS) stumbled upon a pit bull mix, affectionately named Gordough, abandoned in a park. Tied to a bench with visible signs of illness, the resilient pup wagged his tail with hope as AHS rescuers approached.

Gordough, despite his physical discomfort, quickly melted into the caring hands of his new friends.

The shelter staff realized he wasn’t just a patient dog; he was a gentle giant with a sweet demeanor, instantly becoming a favorite among the AHS team.

Suffering from skin conditions, Gordough remained unfazed during baths and ointment applications. Surviving a traumatic abandonment, he embraced the love and attention, showcasing a zen-like demeanor that inspired everyone around him.

The heartwarming tale of Gordough’s rescue spread across social media, catching the attention of the 15/10 Foundation.

Source: The Dodo

Committed to aiding medically needy shelter dogs, the foundation pledged to cover Gordough’s medical expenses, ensuring he received the necessary treatment.

With newfound health and a heartwarming story, Gordough found a foster home where he continued his recovery. Swiftly stealing his foster parents’ hearts, he transformed from a temporary guest to a permanent family member.

Source: The Dodo

A month after AHS discovered him in the park, Gordough officially became part of his loving foster family.

Now, he spends his days reveling in cuddles on the couch, playing with cherished toys, and enjoying the life he had always deserved.

Source: The Dodo

Gordough’s journey from abandonment to a forever home serves as an inspiration, not just for couch potatoes, but for everyone who witnesses the transformative power of love and care.

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