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Amazon Driver Fired After Allegedly Trying to Steal Customer’s Pup

Amazon Driver Fired After Allegedly Trying to Steal Customer’s Pup

A delivery gone wrong led to an Amazon driver losing their job after allegedly attempting to drive off with a customer’s pup.

It all went down when Terrika Currence of Henry County, Georgia took delivery of some packages at her home.

But according to Currence, her daughter spotted something suspicious and began shouting that the Amazon guy had stolen their puppy!

Currence sprang into action, confronting the driver and catching the whole scary scene on video.

“F—— Amazon done took my f—— dog!” she’s heard yelling as the puppy is seen inside the delivery truck.

When asked why he did it, the driver claimed he thought the pup was cute and wanted to take it. But Currence wasn’t having it, understandably upset over the ordeal.

“Now my daughter is scared every time a delivery comes,”

Currence told the news.

Amazon took the situation seriously, confirming the driver was fired immediately.

While the pup was returned unharmed, Currence said knowing the driver got the boot brings some relief. But she worries someone capable of that may try something again.

One thing’s for sure – this delivery guy won’t be dropping off any more packages!

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