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Globetrotting Golden Retrievers Spread Joy Around the World

Globetrotting Golden Retrievers Spread Joy Around the World

Kevin Bubolz, along with his adorable golden retrievers Ellie and Emma, embarked on a heartwarming adventure a few years ago, sharing their delightful moments on TikTok and Instagram at @elliegoldenlife.

In a recent video capturing their incredible journey, Kevin showcased the stunning cities they visited, capturing selfies with his furry companions.

Kevin and his wife Katie travel far and wide, spreading smiles wherever they go.

During their visit to Prague, Kevin and Katie were pleasantly surprised when people recognized them from their social media channels.

Walking through the streets with Ellie, 7, and Emma, 1, garnered attention due to their famous videos, where they effortlessly snap cheerful selfies on their owners’ shoulders.

Kevin, 33, shared:

“You have this amazing ability to connect with people worldwide, even without speaking the same language. It’s truly uplifting and keeps us going.”

Ellie, the camera-loving retriever, has always shown a keen interest in posing for pictures, motivated by the promise of treats and extra playtime.

Kevin describes the amusing sight when Ellie instantly smiles and runs towards the camera or tripod, making everyone burst into laughter. This joyous disposition inspired Kevin to turn it into something special.

Observing how Ellie could “smile” on command, especially when rewarded, Kevin decided to create their iconic selfie videos.

Source: People

Before the pandemic, Katie, 34, and Kevin often took Ellie, a therapy dog, to volunteer events in their local community near Washington, D.C. However, when COVID-19 put a pause on their in-person interactions, they turned to TikTok and Instagram to continue spreading happiness.

Kevin expresses his excitement about the opportunity to engage with people both online and in person.

Apart from their philanthropic endeavors, the Bubolzes have a profound love for traveling. Kevin, a former member of the Army who served abroad, desired to incorporate their canine companions into their adventures.

While their TikTok videos often feature famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, Kevin reveals that they mostly opt for road trips, traveling across the country in their minivan, exploring new places with Ellie and Emma by their side.

Kevin emphasizes the strong bond between the two dogs, despite their contrasting personalities.


Ever since Ellie was a puppy, she’s loved the camera 📸 so a few years ago we started taking selfies and working on “smile” 😀 Here are the top 7 selfies of 2023 💛

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“Emma is a wild one!” he jokes. He marvels at their ability to adapt to different situations, transforming from playful puppies to calm and comforting beings when interacting with people, especially in hospital rooms.

Their capacity for empathy is truly incredible.

With a combined following of 10 million on Instagram and TikTok, Kevin expresses his gratitude and disbelief at the remarkable journey they’ve undertaken.

“I never imagined we would be where we are today,” he admits. “Talking about it, I’m just happy. It’s so much fun. Our mission has always been to spread smiles, and this year, I believe we’ll be able to do that even more.”

Followers of Ellie and Emma’s adventures can expect even more heartwarming moments as they continue to brighten people’s days with their infectious joy and unwavering positivity.

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