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Animal Shelter In Florida Is In Urgent Need! Join the Movement to Help Homeless Pets

Animal Shelter In Florida Is In Urgent Need! Join the Movement to Help Homeless Pets

An animal shelter in Florida is facing a critical situation as it becomes overcrowded with pets.

In a recent Facebook post, Marion County Animal Services (MCAS) expressed their plea for assistance after taking in 56 dogs from a cruelty case. The shelter has been operating beyond capacity for several months and is now reaching out to the public for support.

MCAS believes that each person has the power to make a positive difference in the world, and they are calling on individuals to consider adopting a shelter dog.

The majority of the shelter’s population consists of these adorable canines. By providing a loving home to these animals, you can contribute to the transformation of their lives.

In their Facebook post, MCAS also shared their deep passion for animal rescue work.

They quoted Lily Tomlin, who once said, “Somebody should do something. Then I realized I AM somebody.”

This motto resonates with the dedicated staff at the shelter, who strive to live by it both personally and professionally. However, they acknowledge that they cannot tackle this challenge alone.

The number of animals in need keeps growing, and the shelter requires help from the community to find suitable placements for their current residents.

According to NBC Affiliate WESH, the 56 dogs rescued from the cruelty case require time to recover before they can be adopted. This means that the available dogs are sharing kennels until more space becomes available.

Animal compliance investigator Justin McClure described the conditions in which these dogs were found as disgusting and dangerous. The extensive buildup of urine and feces created an overwhelming odor of ammonia and posed serious health risks.

As MCAS faces critical capacity, they are actively seeking adopters and fosters to alleviate the overcrowding. If you’re hesitant about long-term commitment, fostering a dog for a couple of weeks outside the shelter is a great way to help.

By providing a temporary home, you can free up space and make a significant impact.

MCAS is dedicated to finding loving homes for their shelter dogs and is taking proactive measures to encourage adoption. They are waiving adoption fees and organizing “Doggy Date Day” on February 10.

This special event allows animal lovers to take an adoptable canine out on a morning date, celebrating Valentine’s Day in advance. It provides shelter dogs with personal attention outside the stressful shelter environment.

To discover more about the adorable pets available for adoption at MCAS, visit their Facebook page.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a hero in the lives of these deserving animals. Join the movement and help make a difference today!

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