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A Love Story with Scarlett Johansson and Ocean the Rescue Dog

A Love Story with Scarlett Johansson and Ocean the Rescue Dog

The Dream Date has been set between Scarlett Johansson and an absolutely adorable single mom named Ocean.

Ocean, a 12-year-old pittie mix, was rescued a few months ago from a busy shelter in NYC by Muddy Paws Rescue.

During their date, Scarlett treated Ocean to a luxurious spa day, complete with a dog-friendly smoothie, a fabulous mani-pedi, and plenty of cuddles.

From the beginning, the blind date showed great promise. Scarlett arrived with a bouquet of red roses (well, actually a stuffie bouquet), which Ocean eagerly grabbed and loved so much that it ended up in pieces.

This Dream Date is part of our fantastic video series where we pair celebrities with rescue pups on blind dates to help them find their forever families.

In the first episode, Antoni Porowski from “Queer Eye” cooked a delicious meal for a sweet pittie named Clementine, who was soon adopted.

Scarlett had high hopes of doing the same for Ocean.

As Ocean greeted her with enthusiastic face kisses and wiggles, Scarlett said:

“I think you’re going to find a forever home pretty easily.”

Scarlett herself has rescued two pups, Maggie and Pancake, in the past.

Source: The Dodo

The date took place at the office of Scarlett’s skincare line, The Outset, where Ocean had the chance to experience some hydrating dog-friendly products.

Scarlett shared:

“Everyone at The Outset office is really excited to meet a star”

– referring to Ocean, of course.

Scarlett even tried to pamper Ocean with a little “cucumbers on the eyes” moment, but Ocean had different plans for those cucumbers.

By the end of the date, it was evident that love was in the air, and Scarlett couldn’t understand why Ocean was still single. “You’re exceptionally adorable, very cuddly, and that’s what we’re all looking for.

I don’t think you’re going to have any problem finding a forever home,” Scarlett expressed to Ocean.

And guess what? That’s exactly what happened!

Ocean was adopted shortly after their date, finding her perfect forever home. It was a heartwarming and unforgettable love story between Scarlett Johansson and Ocean, proving once again the incredible impact of rescue dogs and the power of a little matchmaking.

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