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The Hilarious Tale of a Beagle Who Only Jumps When Yelled At

The Hilarious Tale of a Beagle Who Only Jumps When Yelled At

Dog owners and parents alike will relate to this adorable video capturing a beagle’s refusal to obey commands unless he’s yelled at, as caught on camera by owner Christina Marie Gibb.

In the video, Gibb repeatedly asks her senior dog to jump on the couch, but it seems he’s unable to do so until she raises her voice for the final time. Surprisingly, the dog seems to prefer it when Gibb shouts, wagging his tail in delight.

The on-screen text reveals, “My dog WANTS me to yell at him. I swear we do this every day. He only jumps when I yell.”

Since its upload on TikTok by @anastasiabeaverhousinnnn on February 5, the video has garnered an impressive 1.7 million views and over 284,000 likes.

The caption accompanying the video reads, “I don’t WANT to yell at him, but he will continue to cry and whine until I do!!! This has been going on for years. It’s funny but annoying.”

Interestingly, it turns out that this beagle isn’t the only dog with this peculiar behavior, as numerous owners have shared similar experiences in the comments section.

One relieved user commented, “I feel so relieved knowing this is more common than I expected!! I feel bad yelling, but it’s literally all that works.”

Gibb also shared that her dog knows how to jump on her higher bed, which is twice the height of the couch.

“He loves the tell!” she added.


I dont WANT to yell at him but he will continue to cry and whine until i do!!! This has been going on for years. Its funny but annoying.

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Commenters had their own amusing takes on the situation, with one person stating, “He just needs that drill sergeant motivation!”

Another popular comment, with over 33,000 likes, humorously suggested, “He needs the adrenaline push.”

While dogs may not grasp the exact meaning of our words, they are highly attuned to our tone and volume. The VCA animal hospital’s official website explains how dogs interpret different tones of voice.

Using a high-pitched voice is an excellent way to show your dog that you’re proud of their behavior or to initiate playtime. On the other hand, a low volume and low-pitched voice accompanied by a frown commands attention and signals your disapproval of a specific behavior.

The same tone can be used to grab your dog’s attention when giving commands.

A low volume and high-pitched voice often create a bonding experience between owners and their furry friends, involving lots of cuddles and compliments.

It’s crucial for owners to expose their pets to different tones of voice, enabling verbal communication even when they can’t see each other. This becomes particularly important during emergencies.

In conclusion, this heartwarming video showcases the unique communication style between a beagle and his owner, where yelling seems to be the key to success.

While it may be amusing and slightly frustrating for the owner, it’s a reminder of the special bond we share with our furry companions and the importance of understanding their language, even if it involves raising our voices from time to time.

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