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Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is a robust, medium-sized dog with a natural stub rod. As a working and herding dog, he absolutely needs a task to be physically and mentally busy.


The intelligent and attentive four-legged friend performs the tasks that man assigns to him very reliably. In doing so, he orients himself strongly to his handler and needs close contact with him. This isn’t the right dog for owners with a busy city life. Or people with small apartments. The ASTCD is at its best when he’s with his family doing different activities. Ideally, he has an entire herd of cattle at his disposal, where he can live out his pronounced herding instinct. If this is not the case, the active and eager dog should definitely be given adequate and sufficient replacement employment. For example — in the form of dog sports.

Rather suspicious of strangers

While he is closely and loyal to his person, he treats strangers rather suspiciously. He is very different from the Australian Cattle Dog, who faces unknown people and situations courageously and openly. The shy and sometimes quite frightening stumpy, on the other hand, prefers to withdraw. Large crowds and loud noises can deeply scare the rest-loving and often noise-sensitive dog. In order to survive in our sometimes quite hectic everyday life, the Australian Stumpy Tail therefore absolutely needs early socialization. Only in this way will he learn to get used to unknown people, animals, and sounds that he will encounter. And he will also be able to face new situations fearlessly and openly.

Only suitable for experienced dog owners

For socialization to succeed and for the stumpy, his owner needs a lot of patience, time and expertise. It goes without saying that this breed is not for beginners. Experienced dog owners who know the needs of their dog and know how to use their versatile work dog physically and mentally, on the other hand, will really enjoy this robust guy. The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog becomes an obedient and affectionate partner whose tireless zeal for work is contagious.


It should be immediately clear to everyone that this dog is anything but “soft looking”. Its square body with the short, harsh fur has enough substance and muscle mass to perform strenuous work reliably and without problems even under difficult conditions. In keeping with its natural hat and drift drive, the ASTCD is extremely athletic and persistent – even if its pass, in which it often moves, suggests otherwise.

Medium-sized dog with good proportions

With a shoulder height of 30 inches for males and 25 inches for females, the Stumpy is a medium-sized dog. His strong body is always well proportioned and can be easily recognized under the straight and short coat. Under the harsh top hair, it has a dense and soft undercoat.


Unlike the USA, where this pedigree dog is largely unknown so far, the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog looks back on quite a long history in its home country Australia. Already in the 19th Century efforts were made on the continent to breed a breed that was up to the harsh requirements of the Australian outback and that was suitable for the hatching and bustle of the huge, semi-wild herds of cattle. The Stumpy is therefore the first breed of dog developed specifically for Australian needs.


The four-legged friend, who is quite demanding in his attitude and upbringing, does not place any special demands on his care. The quite short and harsh hair dress proves to be very easy to clean and is content with a short brush every one to two weeks. Only at the time of coat change, when the hair changes between summer and winter hair, should the brush be used more often to remove dead hair.

Is the Stumpy the right dog for you?

If you are one of the few people who, despite these obstacles, are toying with the purchase of a real Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, you should ask yourself whether you can really offer this demanding dog from the Australian Outback a decent and nature-appropriate life. A life in the city, cramped and with a lot of noise, without “real” tasks for a dog, is certainly not for this slightly frightening, noise-sensitive and sometimes shy working dog. The ASTCD belongs in the hands of a cattle driver or a very experienced dog owner who has a lot of commitment, expertise and creativity and knows how to socialize, educate and employ his dog in a species-appropriate manner.

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