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Buster the Chatty Cockatoo Thinks He’s A Dog

Buster the Chatty Cockatoo Thinks He’s A Dog

In a cozy corner of a bustling household, a lively and somewhat sassy umbrella cockatoo by the name of Buster perched himself right next to one of the family’s furry companions, ready to spill the beans on his day.

With animated gestures and a series of chirps, Buster engaged in a one-sided chat with the attentive Shitzu, who initially seemed intrigued but soon got a tad bored, especially when the bird’s language took a colorful turn.

As the feathered conversationalist continued his monologue, peppering his speech with a touch of attitude, the dog’s interest waned, reaching a tipping point around the 13-14 second mark when Buster dropped a choice swear word into the mix.

But fear not, for there’s more to this drama than meets the eye.

Buster wasn’t just engaging in idle banter; he was, in fact, imparting some unexpected dating advice to his canine companion, showing a side to his personality that few had seen before.

And the surprises didn’t end there. Not content with confiding in just one four-legged friend, Buster extended his counsel to Max the Newfypoo, sharing his nuggets of wisdom with the fluffy giant who listened intently, perhaps pondering the cockatoo’s unique perspective on matters of the heart.

In a twist that left many scratching their heads in amusement, Buster’s behavior hinted at a deeper connection with the canine members of the household, leading some to wonder if, in his colorful avian mind, he might just believe himself to be a dog in disguise.

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