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The Heartfelt Mission of Maricopa’s Therapy Dog Team

The Heartfelt Mission of Maricopa’s Therapy Dog Team

Residents of Maricopa, including 71-year-old Cherie Mossing and her therapy dog Lexi, are making a difference as part of the Maricopa Lions Club’s dedicated fur-st responders.

Recently, Mossing and Lexi traveled to San Diego to provide emergency assistance after severe rain and flooding wreaked havoc in California, displacing thousands of people.

This deployment marked a milestone for the Maricopa Lions, as they ventured farther than ever before to lend a helping paw, going beyond their usual service radius.

Mossing, along with Lexi and another team from Paradise Valley, spent three days offering comfort and support at shelters and incident command centers, aiming to relieve some of the stress faced by those affected.

Source: In Maricopa

For Mossing, this type of service is a calling that aligns with the Lions Club motto of serving others. She emphasized,

“Our motto is we serve, so in every project we do, we serve our fellow man. That’s who we are.”

In an extraordinary weather event, California was hit by multiple severe storms, leading to extensive flooding, mudslides, and significant damage. The scale of the rainfall was described by meteorologists as a once-in-a-millennium occurrence.

During their deployments, Mossing and Lexi focus on providing mental health support through Lexi’s gentle presence and comforting interactions with individuals facing crisis situations or distress.

Mossing, drawing on her experience as a nurse in trauma centers, finds great fulfillment in offering solace to those in need. She shared,

“Being able to give them a little bit of respite from their struggles, it’s satisfying and rewarding.”

The Maricopa Lions Club, with its team of therapy dogs, is actively seeking to expand its impact by adding two more therapy dogs to their roster. These furry volunteers play a crucial role in providing comfort not only during emergencies but also in various community settings such as schools and libraries.

Individuals interested in joining this meaningful initiative can reach out to Mossing at 602-828-8312. Through their efforts, the Maricopa Lions Club continues to spread warmth and support wherever it’s needed most.

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