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Canine Expert Shares Common Mistakes People Make When Storaging Dog Food

Canine Expert Shares Common Mistakes People Make When Storaging Dog Food

Properly storing your dog’s food is crucial for their well-being, and canine expert Rachel Fusaro is here with valuable tips shared on her TikTok page.

In a recent video, Fusaro delves into the dos and don’ts, emphasizing the significance of container size, bag closure, and the choice of material.

Fusaro stresses:

“Bag size matters. Only get a size big enough that you can feed the entire bag within 30 days or less. This is to avoid fat rancidity, mold – remember oxidation happens once the bag is open.”


#duet with @tracyfosterling ALSO, most people forget this, but the same goes for treats! Also… I forgot ONE more tiny tip that is a personal preference 👇 I prefer a more durable/stainless steel storage container because the plastic ones aren’t as secure, and dogs have suffocated from trying to get into the packaging Again that’s a personal preference of mine, this is such a great job! 👏 How do you store your dog’s kibble? 🧐 Follow along for DAILY dog tips! ❤️ #dogfood #kibble #dogfoodstorage #kibblestorage #dogtreats #dogmomtips #petparents #dogtraining #newpuppy #dogmomstruggles

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The dog enthusiast advises against pouring the food into a separate container, highlighting that the original packaging is designed to preserve vital nutrients.

The post collected over 360,000 likes and sparked nearly 3,000 responses from attentive dog owners.

While some questioned the necessity of keeping food in the bag, others shared their experiences and insights. One user mentioned finding maggots in a bag, leading them always to transfer the food, while another cautioned about potential storage mites in plastic containers causing allergy flare-ups.

Despite varied opinions, Fusaro’s expert advice serves as a smart guide for dog owners seeking to ensure their furry friends enjoy a healthy and wholesome diet.

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