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Find Out Your Dog’s IQ With This Simple ”Intelligence Test”

Find Out Your Dog’s IQ With This Simple ”Intelligence Test”

Dogs are our companions through thick and thin, inspiring us to walk more and melting our hearts with their adorable personalities.

Ever wondered about your furry friend’s intelligence?

Renowned researcher Stanley Coren, Ph.D., FRSC, has crafted a dog IQ test to uncover your pup’s brilliance. Grab some treats, a towel, and get ready for a pawsitively fun experience!

What You’ll Need:

– Treats
– A towel or blanket
– Three plastic cups or containers
– Cardboard
– Stopwatch
– A dash of creativity!

Just like humans, dogs showcase various forms of intelligence—visual, auditory, and tactile.

Dr. Coren categorizes dog intelligence into instinct, adaptive, and working and obedience. While a dog IQ test doesn’t precisely measure intelligence, it gauges problem-solving and memory skills, crucial aspects of cognition.

Ready for the Challenge?

Test 1: The Towel Test

Let your dog explore a large towel, then cover their head. This reveals their problem-solving skills as they free themselves.


3 points: Under fifteen seconds
2 points: Fifteen to thirty seconds
1 point: More than thirty seconds

Test 2: Hidden Treat Test

Cover a treat with a towel and time how long it takes for your dog to uncover it.


3 points: Under fifteen seconds
2 points: Fifteen to sixty seconds
1 point: More than sixty seconds

Test 3: Which Cup?

Hide a treat under a cup and assess your dog’s memory and learning abilities.


3 points: Direct to the right cup
2 points: Checks one wrong cup first
1 point: Checks both wrong cups first

Test 4: Problem-Solving

Place a treat beneath furniture, testing your dog’s reasoning and problem-solving skills.


3 points: Under a minute using only paw
2 points: Tries head or uses nose and paws
1 point: Gives up

Test 5: Beyond the Barrier

Creatively challenge your dog with a treat behind a cardboard barricade. Can they figure out they need to walk around?


3 points: Under 30 seconds
2 points: Over 30 seconds but figures it out
1 point: Tries unconventional methods


13–15 points: PAWsome! Your dog is a genius.
9–12 points: Not quite Einstein, but a smart cookie.
5–8 points: Won’t make it to Harvard, but has paw-tential.
1–4 points: Needs some help, but brains or not, cuddles and kisses are what truly matter! 🐾

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