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Cat’s Silent Treatment To Owner After Losing Nail-Trimming Battle

Cat’s Silent Treatment To Owner After Losing Nail-Trimming Battle

In a funny video shared on February 19 by the TikTok account @mew__zooms, a fluffy white cat made his feelings very clear when his owner attempted to trim his nails.

The cat, not one to hide his emotions, sat right outside the owner’s room to express his displeasure.

According to the owner, giving the cat a “mani-pedi” turned into a bit of a struggle – a common scenario for anyone who has tried to trim a cat’s nails. In the video, text reads, “We can’t stay apart so he’s just outside my room giving me the silent treatment.”

After some time to cool off, the owner and the cat made amends with a few treats. However, the next day brought about another round of conflict and silent treatment as the nail-trimming battle resumed.

The video quickly went viral, capturing the attention of over 2.1 million viewers, with many finding humor in the cat’s serious demeanor. Comments flooded in, with one viewer noting the cat’s upset ears, and another admiring the cat’s business-like gesture of turning his back.

While some viewers speculated on the cat’s motives, suggesting a hint of pettiness, it’s clear that cats have distinct personalities that shine through in their behaviors.

When a cat turns its back and pins its ears back, it’s often a sign that they’re upset. Beyond these cues, cats may hiss, growl, or show changes in their tails to communicate their feelings.

Understanding your cat’s body language is key to deciphering whether they’re simply in a bad mood or genuinely upset.

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