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New Dog-Friendly Hangouts Coming to Treasure Valley

New Dog-Friendly Hangouts Coming to Treasure Valley

Exciting news for dog owners in the Treasure Valley – soon you might have a cool new spot to chill with your furry pals!

Two unique “dog park bars” are in the works, one in Garden City and the other in Meridian. These spots will be more than just your average watering hole – they’ll be a hub for socializing, enjoying drinks and food, and letting your pets have a blast.

Clubhound in Garden City

Clubhound, the upcoming dog bar in Garden City, has been hustling for about nine months to nail down its permit, as shared on its website. Recently, the city gave the green light to the dog bar’s plans.

Keep an eye out for the official opening date!

What can you expect at Clubhound? Picture this: an indoor/outdoor dog park, a bar serving beer, wine, and coffee, cozy seating areas, off-leash zones, and winding pathways.

The bar will be housed in a cool pre-engineered metal building, with space for up to 180 guests.

While Clubhound will mainly operate on a membership basis, they’ll also offer day passes for visitors, as mentioned on their website.

There will be vigilant staff, called “rufferies,” keeping an eye on the dogs, but owners are reminded to watch over their furry buddies too. Clubhound will be located at 411 E Remington St. in Garden City.

IPA: Idaho Pups and Ales in Meridian

Over in Meridian, Idaho Pups and Ales is gearing up to bring a similar concept to life with their permit application for a new establishment.

This Meridian dog bar will span 3,500 square feet, boasting beer, wine, and coffee bars, along with top-notch dog park amenities. Plans also include a splash pad, a sweets truck, designated food truck parking, and a special area for small doggos.

You can look forward to finding Idaho Pups and Ales at the corner of Franklin Rd. and Outpost Ln., just east of Ten Mile Rd.

Ten Mile has been buzzing with growth lately, with exciting projects like The District and Farmstone in the pipeline, not to mention Scheels and other retail and dining spots in the works. The addition of Idaho Pups and Ales will surely add to the area’s vibrant scene!

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