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Chuck the Golden Retriever’s Bedtime Rebellion Goes Viral

Chuck the Golden Retriever’s Bedtime Rebellion Goes Viral

There are countless similarities between dogs and children, especially when it comes to trying to outsmart their caregivers. Bedtime, in particular, seems to bring out the mischievous side in both parties.

In a video shared on February 13 by the @chuckinchucktown account, Chuck, an English cream golden retriever, attempted to avoid being put in his crate, a task he typically tries to evade at all costs.

At the mere mention of the crate, Chuck would pull out his bag of tricks.

Upon hearing that it was crate time, Chuck slyly pretended to be fast asleep on the bed, hoping to deceive his owner by placing his head back on the pillow with his eyes shut tight. Unfortunately for Chuck, his plan was foiled as his owner caught him wide awake, staring right at her from across the room.

Despite his obvious alertness, Chuck seemed convinced that he had successfully outsmarted the system with his little act. If only he had feigned sleep before being spotted, perhaps he could have pulled it off.

Nevertheless, Chuck certainly deserves an “A” for effort.

Chuck may need to come up with a new strategy to avoid the crate, as his owner revealed that he has tried similar antics multiple times before. Despite his antics, Chuck lucked out this time, as his owner decided to let him be and even postponed her plans by an hour rather than disturb his rest.

If Chuck had been disturbed, he would have faced the wrath of TikTok users who rallied to his defense. The video has over 1.2 million views, 117,000 likes, and 737 comments by Friday, with viewers expressing sentiments like

“Shhhh don’t disrupt him, he’s sleeping,”

“He’s letting you know he’s comfortable right where he’s at!” a

As one viewer aptly put it, “That bed looks mad comfy, I’d do the same, Chuck.”

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