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Senior Dog Moe’s Silenced Howl Touches Hearts Online

Senior Dog Moe’s Silenced Howl Touches Hearts Online

A video featuring an elderly dog named Moe, who has lost his ability to bark, has quickly gained nearly one million views within just two days.

Moe, a 13-year-old furry friend of owner Julie (@therealjulsey), is captured in a TikTok clip attempting to howl, with no sound coming out. Initially mistaken for a muted clip, viewers can hear the elderly dog gasping for air towards the end.

Julie, residing in Austin, Texas, shared,

“We’re not entirely sure why he lost his howl. Back in his younger days, he had this wild howl that resembled a wolf!”

The touching video has over 955,900 views and over 207,000 likes at the time of this report.

Julie, who works in marketing, shared,

“As he aged, he gradually lost his howl, a common occurrence in many older dogs. In his senior years, he also struggled to bark.”

Receiving over 1,890 comments, the clip has evoked emotional responses from viewers.

One user commented, “I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard him catch his breath.”

Another user noted, “The effort he puts in is evident in that breath after.”

There are various reasons why dogs may lose their voice, such as laryngeal paralysis, as explained by the VCA animal hospital. Causes can range from throat or neck trauma to tumors or hormonal diseases.

In Moe’s case, the exact cause of his voice loss remains unknown.

The VCA animal hospital website mentions,

“Laryngeal paralysis symptoms can vary widely. Sadly, the condition is often more common than diagnosed, particularly affecting middle-aged and older dogs, with larger breeds being more susceptible.”

Despite the video going viral on February 14, it is an older clip as Moe passed away on February 3. Nonetheless, his memory lives on, captivating the online community.

Julie reflected,

“Moe had a vibrant personality. Even without a voice, he would try to communicate his desires and dislikes through howls, barks, and growls.”

She shared that Moe faced age-related challenges, including arthritis and a neurodegenerative disease limiting his back legs’ mobility. Nevertheless, he remained a lovable and expressive companion until the end.

Julie fondly recalled,

“Moe’s affectionate nature shone through. He would ‘hug’ by nudging his head against your chest and seeking comfort in your presence.”

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