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Dog Steals Package And It Unfolds Into A Hilarious Delivery Drama

Dog Steals Package And It Unfolds Into A Hilarious Delivery Drama

In Tennessee, a woman eagerly awaiting an Amazon delivery got a surprise when a furry thief beat her to the package.

Olivia, the homeowner, received an email from Amazon alerting her that her package had arrived.

Checking her Ring Doorbell App, Olivia spotted her neighbor’s dog sniffing around her front porch.

“At first, I didn’t think the dog could actually grab the package and run off with it,”

Olivia told Ring, recalling the moments she saw the curious pup on her camera feed.

To her shock, the dog managed to snatch the package and make a quick getaway.

In a rush, Olivia and her husband dashed outside to salvage the package, which contained urgently needed basketball shoes for their son.

Upon inspection, they found the box torn to shreds, with the shoes sporting a few playful bite marks.

Relieved that the shoes were still usable, Olivia couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions, leaning more towards frustration, according to Ring’s report.

Upon rewatching the footage, Olivia chuckled at the sight of their own dog, Carolina, a one-year-old Great Pyrenees and lab mix, observing the heist unfold without a care in the world.

“It’s so typical of her,”

Olivia remarked, imagining how they might have wrongly blamed Carolina if not for the doorbell camera.

The mischievous neighbor’s dog, known for his porch raids on dog food and toys, didn’t come as a surprise to Olivia and her husband, who now have a playful tale to share thanks to their vigilant camera system.

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