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Chiquitita The Senior Dog Gets A Second Chance at Home

Chiquitita The Senior Dog Gets A Second Chance at Home

A delightful 12-year-old pooch named Chiquitita, known for her love of kisses, has found her way back to the shelter after waiting patiently for 650 days in a home that wasn’t the right fit.

Chiquitita first graced the halls of the Watauga Humane Society in Boone, North Carolina, back in March 2022.

After nearly two years of searching for a loving family, this charming pit bull, despite facing some challenges, was joyfully adopted in December 2023. Unfortunately, a few months later, she found herself back at the shelter.

Source: Southern Living

The shelter shared on social media: ‘‘We strongly believe that there is the right home for every shelter pet out there, but we also know that there is the wrong home for them as well.”

Chiquitita’s adopters realized they couldn’t provide the care she needed, and after much contemplation, they made the tough choice to bring her back to the Watauga Humane Society.

The shelter staff kindly asked their followers not to judge the adopters, emphasizing that returning Chiquitita actually gives her the best opportunity to find her ideal forever home.

They highlighted, “Criticism isn’t the solution; it doesn’t benefit Chiquitita, her adopters, or our mission in the long run.”

Source: Southern Living

Now, the Watauga Humane Society is embarking on a new mission to secure the perfect “retirement home” for this wonderful senior pup, Chiquitita.

Described as gentle, affectionate, and a devoted love bug, she enjoys leisurely walks, cozy naps, and, of course, plenty of kisses. Due to some arthritis, she thrives best as the sole dog in the household.

“While we adore her and cherish her happy presence every day, Chiquitita, at almost 13 years young, deserves to spend her golden years in a loving home,” expressed the shelter.

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