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Goldie Hawn’s Dog Steals the Show in Budweiser Super Bowl

Goldie Hawn’s Dog Steals the Show in Budweiser Super Bowl

Goldie Hawn’s adorable dog has become a local celebrity in their star-studded household after making a special appearance in a Super Bowl ad.

Goldie and her daughter, Kate Hudson, couldn’t wait to share this exciting moment online.

Meet Roy, the golden lab that Goldie received as a gift back in 2020 when he was just a little pup. Fast forward 4 years, and Roy has grown into a handsome dog.

The Russell/Hawn family decided to put Roy to work in a major commercial that aired on Sunday.

In the commercial, set in the midst of a massive snowstorm, a Budweiser delivery to a remote pub gets delayed. To save the day, the beer is transported by horse and carriage in a classic, snowy scene.

Despite the chaos, Roy, the pub’s loyal dog, comes to the rescue, guiding the delivery team through the snow to reach the pub just in time. It’s a heartwarming tale of teamwork and determination.

Kate shared a video on Instagram showing the family watching Roy’s big moment during a Super Bowl watch party. Everyone showered Roy with affection and pride for his impressive acting skills.

It’s clear that Roy has stolen the hearts of not only his famous family but also viewers everywhere with his charm and talent.

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