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Dog Has A Unique Watching Style

Dog Has A Unique Watching Style

Every dog has their own unique TV-watching style. In Bosco’s household, his interest in TV varies – sometimes she’s all in, especially if it’s something colorful.

Other times, she’s off in her own world, chasing after our cats or catching some rays on the stairs. One thing we noticed is that animals tend to grab her attention on the screen.

There’s a plethora of movies and shows out there that capture this dynamic, from live action to animated. Take “Tarzan,” for example, a film about a youngster raised by gorillas and other creatures after a tragic loss.

So, it’s no surprise that a certain TikTok pup named Bosco was captivated by it.

In a recent TikTok video, dog mom Zoe Ansary shared Bosco’s reaction to a tense scene in the movie. The part where a cheetah is chasing baby Tarzan had Bosco on edge, barking and leaping at the screen in concern.

When Tarzan was finally out of danger, Bosco visibly relaxed, mirroring our own relief.

“He wanted me to do something to help the baby,” Ansary noted in her caption.

Bosco’s empathy shines through, even if he can’t grasp that it’s all make-believe. If only he knew it’s just a movie and no real babies are in peril like that in the wild!

Do Dogs Get TV?

Bosco’s reaction raises the question: How much do dogs understand when they watch TV?

While dogs can see the screen, they’re likely aware that it’s not reality. Their keen sense of smell helps them differentiate between what’s on TV and what’s actually happening around them.

According to PetMD, it’s best to steer clear of showing dogs programs with distressed animals, as the sounds can unsettle them. But fear not, sharing your TV time with your furry friend won’t harm them, and they might particularly enjoy shows featuring real animals.

So, why not plan a cozy movie night with your pup? It’s sure to be a tail-wagging good time!

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