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Dog’s Beach Day Hack Goes Viral

Dog’s Beach Day Hack Goes Viral

Meet Sophie, the mix of German shepherd and border collie, captured on camera chilling at the beach in a specially crafted shady spot.

Sophie’s owner, Alexa Bell, ingeniously dug a hole in the sand and fashioned a roof using two bodyboards to ensure her 5-year-old furry friend could relax comfortably without getting too hot.

Explaining her thoughtful creation, Bell shared,

“Plus, she isn’t a fan of other dogs approaching her at the beach, so I built the shade to keep her cool, peaceful, and undisturbed.”

Just like how people steer clear of wearing dark colors in the summer to avoid feeling overheated, dogs with darker coats are also more susceptible to overheating. The American Kennel Club points out that dark-colored coats absorb heat faster in the sun, putting them at risk.

The video, humorously titled “Queen Sophie,” has captured the hearts of nearly 10 million viewers and collected 499,000 likes.

The clever beach setup has sparked inspiration among dog owners, as seen in the enthusiastic comments on Bell’s business page @thepup_crew.

One impressed viewer wrote, “Guess who’s bringing a shovel and plywood to the beach from now on? Big dog life requires a little extra effort.”

Bell’s ingenuity has been praised as “genius” while her beach den has been hailed as a “brilliant design” by the online community.

Looking after your furry companion during beach outings is essential for their well-being. Purina, a renowned pet food company, offers tips to help owners ensure their dogs stay safe and cool at the beach.

From carrying identification tags and providing fresh water to supervising swimming sessions and offering praise and encouragement, there are various ways to make sure your dog has a paw-some time by the shore. And of course, don’t forget to create a shaded retreat for your pet to relax and recharge—just like Sophie’s cozy beach hideaway!

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