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Cheese, Please! The Frenchie’s Favorite Trick Revealed

Cheese, Please! The Frenchie’s Favorite Trick Revealed

This adorable French bulldog has a clear favorite word, and it’s not hard to guess what it is. No matter how far she strays, she comes running at the sound of a certain magic word.

In a video shared by TikTok user Andy Pagana, we get a glimpse of his brother Mike’s clever way of coaxing their mischievous Frenchie, Opal, back home. Instead of calling her name in vain, Mike yells out the one word that never fails to grab Opal’s attention: cheese.

The tactic works like a charm. With a simple “Opal, let’s get a piece of cheese,” the pup dashes back to the house in a flash.

Mike, hailing from Hudson Valley, New York, shared that getting Opal to listen can be a challenge, describing her as “very stubborn” and selective about when she chooses to obey commands. To tackle this, he’s had to get a bit creative.

“We’ve got plenty of space for Opal to roam around, but lately she’s been venturing off to explore the neighbor’s field, getting lost in the thrill of sniffing out critters and exploring the farm,”

Mike explained.

“Calling her back has been quite the task, so I’ve resorted to using cheese and pizza crust as training treats. She goes crazy for those!”

Witnessing Opal’s lightning-fast return for a cheese treat has convinced Mike that this is the key to her heart. Apart from being her go-to snack, cheese also doubles as an effective training aid for dogs due to its irresistible appeal.

While cheese offers beneficial nutrients like protein, calcium, and vitamin A, it’s important to be mindful of its high fat content, as excessive consumption can lead to weight gain and potentially, obesity. For cheese-loving dogs, opting for low-fat varieties such as mozzarella, cottage cheese, or goat cheese is recommended to keep them healthy and trim.

Seeing Opal’s cheese-fueled sprint back home, Andy couldn’t resist sharing the video on his TikTok account (@thenonsensebox), where it quickly garnered over 1.8 million views and 155,100 likes.

The caption playfully dubbed Opal as “my spirit animal.”

Andy expressed his joy at the overwhelming positive feedback the video received, making it his most popular TikTok upload yet.

“I couldn’t stop laughing and replaying the video—it was just too funny not to share. Opal’s enthusiasm to rush back home is both hilarious and heartwarming to watch. The response has been amazing.”

Opal’s quirky appearance, with her reverse cross-eyed gaze, may draw curious glances, but for the Pagana family, she’s nothing short of perfect.

Andy adores her unique look, finding it incredibly endearing and charming. Opal’s strong personality and love for food make her a lovable and relatable character, capturing the hearts of many with her playful antics.

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