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How a Dog Kennel Saved Lives in a Car Crash

How a Dog Kennel Saved Lives in a Car Crash

In a recent incident in Virginia Beach, a couple narrowly escaped a potentially fatal car crash, all thanks to their quick thinking and the protection provided by a specific dog kennel.

On January 22, Patrick McLaughlin and his wife were on their way to the airport, accompanied by their beloved dogs, Yogi and Ollie. The couple had taken a brief detour to let the dogs play before their journey.

However, their trip took a terrifying turn when a drunk driver collided with them head-on at a speed of 60 mph.

Traveling in a new Ford Transit, the dogs were securely seated in individual kennels from Ruff Land, a company based in South Dakota. These kennels, crafted from high-density polyethylene, proved to be sturdy and impact-resistant.

To ensure extra safety, the couple had fastened the kennels with tie-downs and carabiners to prevent any movement.

Despite the chaos of the crash, both dogs emerged unscathed, thanks to the robust protection provided by their durable kennels. McLaughlin emphasized that the survival of their furry companions was solely due to the quality of these specific kennels.

Following the collision, as the van began to emit smoke, McLaughlin managed to extricate his wife and the dogs from the vehicle. With the kennels remaining intact, he could keep the dogs secure until emergency responders arrived, preventing any chance of them fleeing in distress.

Source: Newsweek

McLaughlin shared a poignant insight from the police and firefighters, highlighting the tragic consequences of pets escaping a crash scene and running onto the highway, a scenario that often ends in further harm. Understanding the importance of pet safety, McLaughlin expressed his dedication to protecting their dogs at all costs.

The couple’s decision to invest in these kennels stemmed from a harrowing image of a wrecked Toyota 4Runner, where the only undamaged element was the kennel. Motivated by this realization, they opted for smaller crates to minimize the risk of their dogs getting injured in case of an accident.

Prior to using the kennels, the couple had relied on traditional seat belts and harness straps in the back seat, already a step ahead of many pet owners. Studies show that only a small percentage of dog owners utilize pet restraints during car travel, underscoring the importance of pet safety measures.

Unrestrained pets not only pose a danger to themselves but also contribute to distracted driving. In the event of a crash, they can become projectiles causing harm to others or flee the scene, leading to further risks.

It is crucial to avoid allowing pets to sit in the back of trucks or stick their heads out of car windows for their safety.

Reflecting on the incident, McLaughlin emphasized the pivotal role that the Ruff Land kennels played in saving their dogs’ lives, reinforcing the importance of proactive pet safety measures during travel.

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