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The Canine Snack Detective Breaks The Internet

The Canine Snack Detective Breaks The Internet

Are you a dog owner looking to sneak a snack while your furry friend naps? Think again!

Elsie, the Yorkshire terrier, proves that dogs’ ears are always tuned in for food adventures.

In a viral video shared on @elsietheyorkster’s account, the owner captures the hilarious moment when they open a bag of chips near the stairs.

The text on the screen asks, “How quickly will my yorkie terrier wake up from her nap for snacks?”

With the sound of crunching in the background, it takes less than 10 seconds for Elsie to pop up her head through the railings and eagerly trot down. The owner bursts into laughter, joined by viewers who can’t stop giggling.

The video, titled “Under 10 seconds, not bad considering she was asleep upstairs,” has collected over 389,000 views since its posting on February 5.

In response to a comment, the owner shares that Elsie “paused halfway to check if there were still snacks left before coming all the way down.”

While dogs would devour anything in sight if given the chance, it’s crucial for pet owners to know which human foods are safe for their furry companions.

James advises,

“While a temporary switch in their diet is okay for a meal or two, crafting a well-balanced diet at home is quite challenging. In the long run, opt for a complete diet tailored for pets, ensuring they get all the necessary nutrients.”

For emergency homemade meals, consider boiled chicken, scrambled eggs, and a side of white pasta or rice for your furry friend.

If you suspect your pet has ingested harmful foods, note the quantity consumed and reach out to a veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435.

What’s the Buzz in the Comments?

The video has over 19,000 likes and 380 comments.

One user shares, “Yorkies are always curious and don’t want to miss a thing.”

Another comment reads, “You can keep calling them, but a crinkle of a package will do the trick.”

A third viewer adds, “Mine magically appears behind me whenever I open the fridge.”

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