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From Super Bowl Success to Cocktail Brand Ambassador, Roy Hawn The Pup Is Going Places

From Super Bowl Success to Cocktail Brand Ambassador, Roy Hawn The Pup Is Going Places

A new shining star has emerged from the talented Hawn-Russell family!

Roy Hawn Russell, the beloved dog of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, stole the spotlight in Budweiser’s 2024 Super Bowl Commercial, marking his debut on the small screen. But that’s just the beginning for this rising star.

After capturing everyone’s hearts in the ad, this charming Labrador retriever is now making a paw-some transition from beer to cocktails.

Source: People

Roy has become the furry face of the canned cocktail company Lake Hour, co-founded by producer Rich Peete and Wyatt Russell, the son of Goldie and Kurt. In a quick turnaround after the Super Bowl, Roy inked a two-year deal with Lake Hour, equivalent to a whopping fourteen dog years!

Excited about the new partnership, Wyatt expressed his delight at having Roy onboard, emphasizing how Roy’s popularity and love for the lake lifestyle will take Lake Hour to new heights. With Roy as their spokesdog, Lake Hour is gearing up for its first video commercial, featuring the star canine front and center.

Source: People

The Budweiser Super Bowl spot was a major breakthrough for Roy’s career and a touching moment for the Hawn-Russell family. Goldie Hawn shared a heartwarming Instagram post capturing the family’s joy as they watched Roy shine in his big moment.

Even Kate Hudson, another talented member of the family, couldn’t contain her excitement, sharing a video of the jubilant reactions to Roy’s commercial. In her post, she highlighted Roy as the true star of the evening, surrounded by a proud and supportive family.

With Roy’s star on the rise and his infectious charm captivating audiences, it’s clear that there’s no stopping this lovable canine from achieving even greater success in the spotlight!

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