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Puppy Snatched From A Teenager In Winter Haven

Puppy Snatched From A Teenager In Winter Haven

In Winter Haven, Florida, the local police are on the lookout for a couple who allegedly snatched a puppy from a teenager this past Tuesday.

The Winter Haven Police Department shared that a 15-year-old girl was taking a stroll down 6th St SE with her adorable 8-week-old Pomeranian pup named Willow around 2:30 p.m. when a man and a woman in a stylish silver/gray ride, possibly a newer model Mustang Mach-E 4-door, approached her.

The duo complimented the teen on her cute puppy and asked if they could give Willow a little cuddle.

The teen, who preferred not to be filmed, recounted that she was heading home from school and decided to take a shortcut through a business parking lot.

Source: Fox 13 News

“She kept following me, asking to see my dog. So, I lifted Willow up for her to take a peek, not to touch. But then, she grabbed my dog,”

she explained.

Reportedly, the woman then passed the pup to her male companion, and they sped off towards Cypress Gardens Blvd. The teen attempted to run after them but had no chance of catching up.

The girl’s mom expressed her distress, worrying about her daughter’s safety and questioning why someone would do such a heartless act.

“My baby is just a baby herself. Why would anyone do that?” she lamented.

The police described the woman as Hispanic, with acne scars on her face, wearing a flowery dress during the incident. Her partner is described as a black man.

“If you know someone in your neighborhood who recently got a puppy or matches the description, please reach out to us. Every little detail can help us reunite this young girl with her beloved puppy,”

urged Jamie Brown, a police department spokesperson.


Willow is a tan-colored pup last seen wearing a pink collar with a red bell.

Filled with regret, the teen hopes the community will keep an eye out for Willow and bring her home safely.

Source: Fox 13 News

“I beg everyone to keep a lookout for her. I want her back. Willow is my everything,”

she pleaded.

Anyone with information about the individuals involved in the puppy theft is urged to contact the Winter Haven Police Department at 863-401-2256.

Let’s help bring Willow back where she belongs!

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